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You Never Have to Run Bored on Treadmill Again with These 10 Netflix Shows

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 25, 2023
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As a matter of fact, running on a treadmill is indeed tiring and possibly quite boring since you stay at one certain place with a limited view. With running or cycling outdoors, you get to see outdoor scenery which can reduce the level of boredom and relieve stress. However, you can lift up the excitement by running on a treadmill by watching a Netflix show that matches your cinematographic preference. Here we are introducing you to 10 of the top-rated Netflix shows in various genres from thriller to romance to comedy. The first thing to remember is that you are choosing a show which you only stream during the time you run on a treadmill. The purpose of watching a show is to have something that drives you to keep running on a treadmill.

House of Cards 

This American political series with the thriller genre will definitely chase your boredom away while on the treadmill. It is interesting that the story illustrates the power-hungry congressman planning his ruthless strategy in the Democratic world. If you are already a fan of thriller shows with the spice of political conflicts, this show might suit your preference well. Significantly, this 6-season series with a total of 73 episodes can accompany you all the way from the beginning of your running session to your endless running. With the thrilling plot and many exciting scenes, you will not focus on how tiring running is thus can run further and longer. 


Similar to House of Cards, Bodyguard is an 8-episode series involving political conflicts as well. However, Bodyguard lets you experience a suspenseful plot which means that you cannot miss any scene in the series. With the suspenseful genre, you get to try to figure out who is the last boss behind all the chaos. Indeed, political and crime tv shows like Bodyguard must come with action scenes as the story takes the lead to the villain. Therefore, you can excitingly wait for great action scenes that might take your breath away. What is more, this show brings you to see some romantic moments of the two leads to reduce the tension of political fighting. The time flies by as you wait to see what happens next, thus there is less boredom in running.

Money Heist

Netflix’s biggest global hit show, Money Heist, follows a gang of mysterious robbers who occupy and steel buildings on the orders of their nameless boss, The professor. The target of this crew’s heists across the four parts so far is the government. Wearing red jumpsuits and creepy masks made in the form of surrealist icon Salvador Dali’s face, the cast’s striking outfit has been copied by protestors in real-life political movements too. If you have been interested in political affairs and figured out the drawbacks of capitalism, this Spanish series is a must-watch for you. In addition, this show surely makes you root for the success of robbers rather than cheer for the state police though people do not normally sympathize with robbers.  Running on a treadmill for an hour will no longer be tiresome if you have an episode of this TV thriller keeping you company.

The Crown

Differing from the other three Netflix shows above, The Crown is biographical with mild fiction focusing more on examining themes and broader concepts. In particular, The Crown centers on the concept of “love vs duty” rather than the movement of political affairs. It may seem like a documentary of Queen Elizabeth II, but there is something more than that in the storytelling. Surprisingly, the enjoyment of watching this British show comes from watching actors and actresses portraying historical figures. Besides bringing you joy during your time on the treadmill, you will be amazed about learning how to make a hard decision wisely. Plus, this series allows you to keep yourself updated with the complications in royal affairs episodes by episodes.

Stranger Things

Here comes another Netflix show that is able to reach a wider audience through its multi-genre storytelling. It’s a coming of age story, horror series, conspiracy thriller, and adventure tale all blended together. Identically, this show is highly suitable for people who have been craving 80s nostalgia as it takes place in the 1980s. One of the reasons why you should watch while running is that each episode ends with cliffhangers boosting your intense excitement for both running and watching. Additionally, what might keep you attached to the story and treadmill is the character development. Particularly, the development of each character in this show possibly inspires you in real life. Thus, it could be a driver that pushes you forward to run enthusiastically for your fitness goals.

Looking for something comedic to watch?

On the other hand, there are also some refreshing and comedy Netflix shows to watch while on the treadmill as well if you do not prefer thriller and political genres. Check out five other Netflix shows below that possibly get rid of your boredom while running.

Emily in Paris

A proudly presented rom-com tv show from Netflix became the talk of the town for about a month after its release. The amazing view of the romantic city of Paris boasts the traveling enthusiasm among the audience as it was released during the pandemic and quarantine time of some countries. Apart from the beautiful view and romantic vibes of the settings themselves, the love story of the leads will definitely make you root for them. This show not only feeds you the romance but also knowledge of digital marketing which you can adapt to reality as well. Watching this while running will make your treadmill experience more entertaining. 


This is a hugely popular sitcom that consists of 10 seasons with a total of 236 episodes running for ten years. Two decades later, its popularity still remains as one of the legendary sitcoms and most-watched shows on Netflix with viewers around the world spending 54.3 million hours watching it in 2018. The show catches the eyes of Gen-Z as it portrays the six main characters well and various situations that people in their 20s certainly encounter. What is entertaining about the show is that the audience can find themselves relating with all different characters at different points and eventually connect with the entire cast. Believe me or not, this show undoubtedly makes your entire running time full of joy and laughter with the jokes among characters’ friendship.  

The Big Bang Theory

Being as popular as the mentioned above sitcom, The Big Bang Theory helps get rid of sadness or relieve the audience’s stress through their jokes about Physics. While FRIENDS is known for its hilarious yet relatable characters, The Big Bang Theory has received its popularity due to the way it made physics so much fun. Uniquely, there will be a moment you realize that Physics can be learned in a very light way after watching this show. Moreover, your boredom or discouragement for running surely fades away once you get to laugh along with the joke about Physics and how the characters in this show deal with each other’s inconvenience. Plus, you can find yourselves hilariously relatable in situations where the bickering between Physic students and non-Physics ones occurs.


Of course, we still cannot travel anywhere freely like before since the pandemic is not over yet. Although traveling physically might not be possible by now, you can travel virtually through this show. The show captures the two actors (one is Taiwanese and another is Korean) who do not speak the same language traveling to six Asian cities to complete missions together. Hence, you get to see the impressive view of cities in Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal though you cannot travel there. Surely, the scenery in this show might help you feel more pleasant while running without focusing on how exhausted you are. Equally important, the joy and laughter the two actors had during completing the mission will unquestionably be passed to you through the screen regardless of subtitles.


This is a very popular Korean reality show being available on Netflix blending crime thrillers with comedy genres. The set-up is quite simple with seven amateur sleuths receiving a mysterious invitation to a murder game. Midway through the party, their host is fatally shot. Cue controlled chaos, as the cast follows the clues to solve a series of crimes and catch killers. The cast has to go through many scary or terrifying obstacles and other pure comedy obstacles for the purpose of building bonds between them. What genuinely entertains you is that you get to watch these seven rookie detectives bicker over the best method to solve puzzles or team up to chase down the thief. Although it might be a bit hard to read the subtitles while running, this Korean reality show is very worth watching. 

To Conclude

Ultimately, these are the 10 Netflix shows we have compiled on a list for you to choose for your own choice of entertainment during treadmill time. We give you a brief introduction of what each show is about and how it can entertain you. Thus, you can select the one that suits your preference and is able to accompany you through the entire treadmill session. Once again, we recommend you to use the chosen show as your motivation to get you going on the treadmill rather than watch it whenever and get your motivation destroyed. 

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