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13 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 17, 2023
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Most people encounter a problem with taking care of their mental health, especially in the current situation of the COVID 19 pandemic. To address this issue, it has a lot of methods for them to do what they like but among those, practicing meditation is the most powerful way to heal people's feelings.

Meditation is a tool that people use to learn from their inner-self, listening to themselves, enhance their powerful minds, and find who they really are. However, it might be hard for people to practice it every day if they don’t really understand how important meditation is toward their mental health.

“We must experience the Truth in a direct, practical, and real way. This is only possible in the stillness and silence of the mind, and this is achieved by means of meditation.” – Samael Aun Weor. As a reference to that quote, below will show you the 13 reasons why you should meditate

1. Assists in Concentrating


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Once you start to meditate, you will learn how to breathe properly to make your whole body get enough oxygen by breathing in and can expel the carbon dioxide the outside of your body in an appropriate way. That will let you focus on breathing in and out, the regular practice of meditation will help you to train your mind on focusing.

People are getting busy in their daily life, they have to work, study, and do a lot of things all day as they have so many tasks to be responsible for. That could be the reason to cause a mess in their mind and they can’t concentrate on what they are doing. Anyway, when people get to practice meditation, they will know how to refocus whenever something has popped up in their minds, so the whole body will cognitively improve their minds and physical performance.

2. Gain More Control of the Emotion


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It is the hardest thing for people to take control or to solve their emotions. Emotional control will always show by people's reactions when they are sad, happy, angry, or shy. Those reactions will make people feel uncomfortable sometimes because the action that they have responded to isn't what they want. It is just they can’t take over their emotions. The fact is that people would like to respond with polite words, good behavior and they really don’t want to express their bad characteristics to the outside world because it is easy to harm themselves and the people around them.

The meditation will help you to gain over all of these issues by practicing it every day. Meditation will train you to be more patient, which means whenever you meditate you put yourself in a place of happiness and a peaceful mind. It trains you to think step by step about what you should do and what you should not do. It reflects into your daily life when you have faced some problem that can change your emotion immediately. Normally, if you are the person who never practices meditation you will get angry or sad easily but if you practice meditation you’ll start to learn that you’re calm and will respond back in an appropriate way to the problem. It will lead you to be a reasonable and confident person.

3. Decrease the Anxiety

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People often meet anxiety disorders when they get fully stressed, frequently get disappointed, worry, distress, sadness, or meet financial crises. Anxiety is one of the root causes that make people face difficulty to control their emotional feelings because the anxiety can make the brain mechanism cognitive impairment in order to respond to the perceived threats that have happened.

In order to solve these problems, people are seeking to do sports activities that help them to release their anxiety. Yet, what to remember is that some sports will help you a lot with your physical health but not much for your mental health. Here we will introduce you to meditation which is really good to enhance your mental health.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the many different types of meditation, it is the form to train yourself to concentrate on what is happening in the movement of your thought, feeling, or activities. It is the way that people learn to accept themselves in the presence of their thoughts or feelings without any judgment. Likewise, you’ll be able to avoid thinking about the distress which happened in the past and stop worrying about what might happen in the future. By practicing mindfulness meditation regularly, it will reduce anxiety.

4. Shoot up Your Inner Peace

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Inner peace refers to the emotional stability of humans, meaning that people are able to control their feeling of stress, fear, sadness, worry, or anger. It is what people are looking for but it seems hard for them to get into the state of being mentally and spiritually calm.

Word of meditation, some people might never hear about it and some people might think that it is useless and others might think it’s quite tough to practice or it will take time to get the result. By the way, meditation is not really difficult like what you have been thinking about, you can start it day by day until you can make it your routine.

In your first start, you can just spend only 10 to 15 minutes meditating at any time that you want. You can practice it in the morning or in the afternoon or before you go to bed at night or whenever you think it is good for you. A quiet place is recommended.

Calming meditation will teach you to centralize your complicated mind or feeling, so you will take this time to understand your own needs.

5. Get Better Spiritual Connection


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Spiritual connection means you are connected with yourself, acknowledge and accept who you truly are.  It starts from self-awareness by practicing spiritual meditation to be kind and honest with yourself. This will lead you to be a good friend with yourself. 

The meditation master Pema Chödrön expresses this beautifully in her book Start Where You Are: “It is unconditional compassion for ourselves that leads naturally to unconditional compassion for others. If we are willing to stand fully in our own shoes and never give up on ourselves, then we will be able to put ourselves in the shoes of others and never give up on them.”

6. Become a Motivated Person

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Meditation will bring you to become a peaceful person who understands your inside positivity power which you can live in your own life, be a powerful person of who you are, inspire yourself, always back up when you feel down. Furthermore, you are able to motivate other people who are struggling in their daily life and when they lose motivation. 

7. Improve Your Well-being


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Well-being refers to a person who has good mental health, a happier person, has the ability to control emotional feeling, social connection, a purposeful person, and people who are satisfied in their life. Though it is not an easy thing to get, people can achieve it by practicing daily meditation because meditation will bring you to live with yourself all the time no matter where you are.

8. Assist You in Decision Making

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Decision-making is very important for people and it’s also the problem that people have. To make a better decision it only depends on the information that you should know but people's mood is necessary as well. Though you get all of the information you cannot make a better decision if you are in a bad mood.

Mindfulness meditation is great to improve your emotional state from unstable feelings to the feeling of peace and independence. It trains you to be attentive or concentrate on the activities in the movement to become more mindful of the day though you are in a difficult situation.

9. Get a Better Sleep


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Sleeping is a problem that we have encountered in our daily life and it’s hard to make our brain relax because the brain will automatically think about what has happened and won’t be able to stop thinking, that’s why people get into trouble with insomnia.

Meditation may help you to have better sleep, relaxation techniques coordinate your body to relax and enhance your inner peace. Meditation will assist you to reduce tiredness, take away your worrying, decrease your heart rate and blood pressure which is the symptom of nervousness or stress.

10. Boost Your Positive Thinking

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Nowadays people are seeking the power of a positive mind inside their body in order to gain potential feelings, happiness, and success in their lives. It is true, what we achieve is from what we are thinking, both negative and positive effects in our life. If so, here is the best solution to gain positive power.

First, we need to keep our mind thinking in a positive way, and to get this you have to melt selfishness, worrying, hopelessness, anxiety, depression, and fear from the subconscious layers of your mind. Then you will see your positive power, your mind-mastery and act in a good attitude. All of these things you can achieve through meditation.

11. Empower Self-mastery

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Self-mastery is the ability to self-control over your physical, emotions, understanding your personality, your thought, your action, belief, and spirituality. In order to master your self-mastery, you must be aware of the insight of yourself, your strength and weakness, and your value which you can get all of these things by practicing mindfulness meditation.

12. Meditation Enhance Your Memory


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Forgetfulness is a problem which most people often confront nowadays either young or adult or older people; it's just on a different level. It can be caused by the medical condition, as is the nature of people, and emotional problems like when people get bored or stressed or get tired are easily lost memory.

Besides, eating healthy food or drinking more water, meditation is one of the best ways that people can use to improve memory. Through meditation, you will become a calm person, reduce stress and a feeling of anxiety that will strengthen your memory.

13. Cost Less

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Whenever thinking about meditation, most people already make excuses for so many reasons like they have to spend money a lot for the class and buying clothes, they are quite busy and don’t have enough time, meditation is nothing special, it takes a long time to get benefit and they think they have no obligation to do it. Truly, it might be hard for the first start but you will get more difficult if you don’t practice it. If you don’t start now, when? 

To meditate you do not have to spend money for any classes, you just need a commitment and you can practice it anywhere with any clothes which you think makes you feel comfortable. You can learn to meditate from YouTube or read any instructions from websites and start to practice it. For the first start, you should take a short time around 5 to 10 minutes because it won’t make you bored.


There are so many different techniques of meditation that you can choose to practice as you want. All types of meditation will assist you to get better physical and mental health. Do not let yourself get into trouble while you can actually handle it at home and for free. It’s never too late to start meditation and taking care of your mental health.



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