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Understand These 5 Traps and You can Definitely Fix the Weight Loss Halt

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 17, 2023
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Do you always feel right whenever you are committed to losing weight? It is not always easy for everyone to lose weight up to the standard that they wish. You would feel a lot of hope at the first start of your journey. There are a few people who can challenge and keep their weight up to the standard. Some people will turn out to be frustrated or discouraged to continue due to some mistakes that they have made but didn’t realize. There are some common mistakes that you should be aware of to start your way. 

Unrealistic Views of Exercise

women exercise

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One of the gravest mistakes people make when they are trying to put down some weight is to bluntly overestimate the number of calories burned in a workout session. The truth is we have been trained to believe that exercise is the most powerful weapon to use to turn the tip of the weighing scale. It has tainted our way of thinking so badly that researchers of The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found in 2010 that we erroneously double or even triple the number of calories actually burned. This common misconception often results in people overconsuming calories, adding more and more to their waistline without their knowledge.

This is by no manner of means intended to cancel out the benefits exercise has on our body. It is scientifically proven that working out is just as effective as—or even more effective than—traditional medication for common health complications, be it diabetes or high blood pressure. But just because it is good for your health does not mean that it is the panacea to your weight loss plan. A successful planner would know that to achieve what they set out to achieve, requires strong dietary discipline and a regular workout routine.

The Myth about ‘Low-Fat’ Foods

Say you are a person who is currently trying to lose some weight (why would you be here if you’re not?) so you must walk down the aisle in the supermarket looking for ‘low-’ or even ‘non-fat milk; it’s a no-brainer, right? You think you’re making the right decision to cut back your daily fat consumption by opting for a better alternative, but you most likely are not. The right answer is a bit more complicated to wrap your head around.

You see, most food producers often compensate for the loss of flavor caused by the removal of fat by adding other ingredients to make it taste almost exactly like its full-fat counterpart. These ingredients, despite their impeccable flavor qualities, are not necessarily the perfect substitutes for fat as you might think; for starters, they often fail to offset the nutrients lost from removing fat. This can make you crave more food even though you’ve just eaten, so it can potentially raise your calorie intake to a relatively higher rate than it otherwise would.

Another culprit in this nearly universal dietary myth is sugar. There is absolutely no need to explain how sugar is the termite of your weight loss plan. But it might come as a bit of a surprise if you know that so-called ‘healthy’, ‘low-fat’ foods you see on the shelves—yogurt, tomato sauce, and the likes—often contain a rather ridiculous amount of sugar, unlike what you might have previously expected, and we are talking about a six-time difference of sugar levels for some ‘low-fat’ foods (according to a 2014 analysis by The Telegraph, a certain ‘low-fat’ food contains six times as much sugar as its full-fat cousin). These sugar levels are more than enough to keep your cravings up and running and prepare you for more food consumption. 

An even darker side of these ‘healthy’ foods is that to get around the problem of sugar, with which many people are very much familiar, a number of food producers have used artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, which has repeatedly been said to cause headaches and increases in body mass.  

Quit before Reaching a Standard Weight


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You buckled down on settling on better eating decisions and working out. Also, for half a month or perhaps a couple of months, you progressed nicely. You shed pounds, felt good, and we're certain that this time, you're better than ever wellbeing propensities were staying put. But then something suddenly changes in your daily life. You might have forgotten what you have done very well at the first time and didn’t realize you slid right back into your old habit. It is because habit is a repeated pattern of human behavior and it is easy to do without any conscious thought. 

So if you want to change your habit and keep it changed you must be able to take conscious control. To start this, you have to make a decision to change the defeating habit. You should set a plan and write it down to critically think about why you want to make the change. Keep telling yourself that what you want right now is a very serious thing that you must do. Follow up on your action and keep writing it down because your action gives you the power of mental commitment.  

It pretty hard to maintaining weight loss, so you have to be patient and be careful with what you are doing. Make a smart decision to keep going. 

People always Want the Instant Results

Human psychologically is hard to wait for something for a long time to see the result, especially for what they are strongly passionate about. That is some people might think it is a simple thing of human being, but, as what we have found it has given a bad effect to lose weight. A lot of people fail of losing weight because they want an instant result. 

It is impossible for you to gain a standard weight for just 2 weeks or one month. Difference people will need a different time to see the result. It depends on your body size and your plan of exercise or eating and your daily habit. According to the study, to gain a healthy and safe rate of losing weight is around 1 to 2 pounds or 0.45kg to 0.49kg per week. However, some people may want a fast result than that and they force themselves too much to stick to their plan.  

For a while later they will feel tired and don’t want to continue. They feel demotivated because they are keep thinking about the result all the time. So if they didn’t see anything get much change, they easy to quit without consideration. 

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

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Do you know what happens in your body if you are lack sleep or you can’t sleep well? When you don’t get enough sleep, it will affect your appetite. The body will produce more ghrelin hormone and reduce the level of producing leptin. Ghrelin and leptin are known as a neurotransmitter in the center of the appetite stimulant. The ghrelin role is to promote hunger and leptin adds to feeling full. That will make you hungry and you need to eat to fulfill yourself. 

The more you are staying late at night, the more you get a chance to gain weight. In expansion, a few investigations have likewise demonstrated that lack of sleep influences food inclinations. Sleepless people will in general pick food varieties that are high in calories and carbs.

Metabolism is a substance cycle in which the body changes over what we eat and drink into energy expected to endure. The entirety of our aggregate exercises, from breathing to practicing and everything in the middle, is important for digestion. While exercises like exercise can briefly build digestion, rest cannot. Digestion really eases back about 15% during rest, arriving at its most reduced level toward the beginning of the day. 

Additional time spent conscious may expand the chances to eat, and resting less may disturb circadian rhythms, promoting weight gain. So don’t be confuse about sleeping to gain a healthy weight and too weak. In general, a teenager should sleep around 7 to 8 hours per day.  


In order to lose weight up to the standard, you must avoid all of those mistakes. You must have a plan and stay in a high commitment. Be calm enough to wait for the result though it not supposed to be a short time to take. The time that you could spend losing weight depends on the size of your body and how good you are in practice. 

To lose weight doesn’t mean you have to cruel to yourself, yet, you need to taking care both of your physical and mental health. You must be treated well to yourself twice or more than that. If you already good at weight loss or reach the standard, please taking care of your consciousness. Don’t let it destroy what you have been done so far, be alert to yourself all the time. 








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