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6 Tricks to Keep You Running as a Routine for Your Health

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 20, 2023
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We all know that running is really good for health. However, there might be a couple of excuses to drag you back from taking action. Perhaps, you might not be motivated enough to move. It can also be because you practice the same action all over and over again for hours. Or maybe you cannot find the end goal or see what you can achieve after that. No matter if it is a running for weight loss, weight maintenance, or just for your cardio health, below are 6 useful tricks to keep you going with your running. 

1. Set Realistic & Achievable Goal 

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It is hard to lose weight, especially when you do not have a clear goal for your weight loss. But, it does not mean it is impossible. Even when you go to the gym exercising with a trainer, he/she still needs to set a goal for you to achieve your body goal. 

First, you can start by measuring your weight. After you know the weight, you sure figure out how many pounds you need to drop or maintain. Then, you can start by planning on how many days to run and how many days to rest. You can also run every day by setting the number of miles or hours you need to run each day. By setting a very realistic goal and regularly monitoring it really inspires you to keep going to keep the goal, most likely. 

2. Read Some Motivational Quotes

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Without a trainer or a gym partner to push you, you can also resort to reading some motivational fitness quotes if you ever find yourself slack off and do not want to run or exercise. According to Elle Smith’s article ‘’Why Motivational Quotes are Important for Everyone’’ mentioned that motivational quotes provide us a lot of wisdom in a quick way. That is true to be said because you are sure to be boosted if you absorb something positive or something relevant that hits you hard. 

Quotes like ‘’Keep it simple stupid’’, ‘’The only way you see result is if to stay consistent.’’, and ‘’When you feel like quitting, think about why you started’’ can really inspire you to look forwards to the further and see how far you have come. Therefore, it alerts you that the goal is getting closer and closer to everything you run. 

3. Find a Running Partner

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Not just going straight to the gym, but it is always better to exercise with a partner. Therefore, if you plan to make running become your regular routine, another tip is to get yourself a friend that can run with you. It is like you have got somebody to remind you of your goal, and push you to keep running. Plus, when there is a partner, you can look up to them which actually helps prevent you from being slack off.

In addition to that, having a partner also allows you to set a competition which is another way to boost the running spirit and energy. For example, compete with your friend about who can reach 500 meters first. Or you can set a short-distance marathon of 2 or 3 kilometers among your running buddies. It sounds quite motivating, interesting, more fun, and less boring, isn’t it?

4. Watch Inspirational Videos 

Some people do not just get inspired by reading quotes, but they do by watching videos and seeing how healthy and tone the bodies of the people exercising in the videos are. You can also check out exercising videos to keep going with them while you are running on the treadmill.

In case you feel bored with constant running, you can switch to other cardio exercises for about 5 to 10 minutes and get back to running again. Whether you need to lose weight, gain muscles, or stay in shape, check out the very inspiring videos here and you will always want to run and go back to the gym again. 

5. Treat Yourself Something Good Yet Healthy for Post-Workout

Every runner has their own motivation. Some can take quotes to inspire their running whilst some take the post-workout treat to push them to run until they reach their daily target goal. Do not be too hard or too restricted on yourself because you can get sick and tired of it and lose motivation very soon. Instead, try making something tasty yet healthy for your post-workout treat.

For example, you can think about making yourself delicious fruit smoothies or protein shakes, avocado toast, low-calories oatmeals, or your top favorite nuts. These snacks are actually good for your muscles because they contain healthy fats, rich in protein & fiber, and low in carbs, saturated fats, and cholesterol. Check out what you should have as a post-running snack here. 

6. Make it Part of Your Daily Routine 

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Last but definitely not least tip is to turn running to be a part of your lifestyle and daily routine. Once it is a must for you, you will always try to make time to run and reach a certain running goal. The running schedule does not have to be a 2 hour daily or 10 kilometers.

If you are a new starter, you can make it up to 15 minutes running time or a 3 kilometer of your everyday running. This might seem like a little distance to run, but if you can be disciplined and stick with it every day, you can see changes and improvement within a week or 10 days' time. Keep it slow, yet correct. Do not be so hard on yourself when you just get started. As long as there is progress, you will surely grow from that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should you run a day to lose weight?

A: You can burn about 100 calories running for one mile at a moderate speed. Therefore, in order to lose up to 1 pound, you can run up to 35 miles for a week. This means that you might need to run at least 5 miles (8 KM) a day.

Q: Is it OK to run everyday?

A: Although it may sound okay to run every day in a short distance, it is still not recommended for you to run up to 5 or 8 miles every day. According to Jacquelyn Baston, This is quite heavy, especially for a new starter. Additionally, when you run long distances and long hours every, your body can become wear and tear. Therefore, it is better to leave some time for your body to recover from muscle break for the next running session. All in all, you should run for 5 days and give your body at least 2 days to rest per week.


All in all, running offers you a wide range of benefits. Sometimes, it does not only make you become healthier. But, it is totally good for releasing stress and improving your concentration. However, every kind of exercise gives you a very big challenge to start; likewise, running. Once you can get started and get over the first 10 minutes, you are more likely to complete your daily goal.

That is why it is quite important to know some of the very useful and inspiring tips to get you running and keep going until you complete the daily goal. Some people might need somebody to remind them to run and push them to keep running.

At the same time, some might have no running partner and prefer to read some motivational quotes to boost their running energy and spirit. Other people might go running because they cannot wait to have their favorite smoothies at the end of the session. What type are you in? Pick the right one for yourself, or you can experience all of them to see which tricks work for you best. 


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