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Welcome to FitnityTreadmill, a place where you can collect all information about treadmills to meet the right one for your needs. 

Who We Are

FitnityTreadmill is an expert and passionate team about treadmills. We love to search, learn the features, compare and contrast the treadmills and recommend the top best categories to match your needs no matter what type of runner you are. Whether you are on the hunt for commercial treadmills or portable treadmills for your home, we’ve got you covered. 

Why We Do What We Do

FitnityTreadmill believes that, no matter what, health should always be our first priority. Running, jogging, or walking should always be done daily regardless of how busy we are. We believe that exercises can always happen at home. That is why selecting the right treadmill can be a challenging task for those who have limited space. It is better to read some reliable treadmill reviews before you make any purchases to ensure it is going to be worth your time and investment. 

There are a lot of unreliable reviews about treadmills flooded on the internet which means there is a chance that you might purchase a product that might not suit your needs. Some treadmill reviewers tend to recommend very expensive equipment because they focus more on the commission rather than quality and the needs of buyers. 

At FitnityTreadmill, we only offer honest reviews. We are looking to explore options that are tailored for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for treadmills that are price-conscious, feature more functionalities, or have versatile designs, you can always trust the reviews from us. Our main purpose is to help you pick the right one, satisfy with your purchase, and enjoy using that. Want to find a folding treadmill for your indoor running? Check out our best picks.

We Love to Hear From Our Readers Too

You can always share with us what you think. Your constructive feedback or opinion is what helps us learn and better serve you. We do appreciate that.

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