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Standout Benefits of Treadmill Running that You Might Not Get from Outside Running

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 21, 2023
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In order to maintain your healthy status, you do, of course, have to exercise on a regular basis. Running is obviously one of the most popular daily workouts that people do to keep their weight at a moderate level and for other reasons as well. By running for fitness goals, you can either run outside or run on a treadmill indoors. So, today we are presenting you the benefits of running on treadmills and why you had better run on one rather than outside.

Of course, running is best for your health in general, but running on your own treadmills brings you incredible benefits. Apart from offering you plenty of health benefits, there are a bunch of advantages coming along with owning a treadmill as well. Check out our below summary of treadmills’ standout benefits and perhaps it will motivate you to run more.

Here're the 8 Benefits of Treadmill Running for You

1. Offering Convenience, Safety, and Privacy

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A core advantage of running on a treadmill is that it is very convenient. You do not have to drive outside and be stressed with the traffic just to work out. Additionally, there are various types of treadmills you can own based on the space you have to store it. For instance, you can have a folding treadmill or a compact treadmill if you have a small space at home.

For fear of wasting time on traffics, why not consider owning a treadmill so that you can work out anytime and simultaneously enjoy the entertainment. Equally important, running on a treadmill is much safer than running outside in some environment. By running indoors, you can avoid being hit while running on the sidewalk or road. Furthermore, running on treadmills gives you more privacy as there are no strangers staring at you working out in public.

2. Lessening the Impact

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Treadmills come with the function of minimizing the impact on the body more perfectly than running on the pavement or on other surfaces. For instance, the manual treadmills or the curved treadmills are more intense to run, but the electric treadmills are designed to be more convenient and more adjustable to fit your body's situation. However, it might be harder to adjust your running or jogging outside. Every step you take when running on gravel, grass, or other even and hard surfaces makes your legs take a lot of impacts, particularly when you go high.

Under such circumstances, your ankles, knees, and back could suffer serious problems since concrete is tougher, and running on rough surfaces too many times does not help either. This poses a major concern toward your wellbeing in your old age as well as the possibility of suffering painful bone problems as you age.

Running on a proper treadmills cause you no worries of encountering any surprise in your way like running on the street. Together with the feature of shock absorption in most modern models, you can rest assured that you are running on a soft and even surface. For this reason, your joints take less impact and you have a lower chance of suffering joint pain and other aches.

3. Improving Joint Flexibility and Bone Density

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According to the NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center, exercise is very crucial for your bone's health; "Women and men older than age 20 can help prevent bone loss with regular exercise. Exercising can also help us maintain muscle strength, coordination, and balance, which in turn helps to prevent falls and related fractures."

It is important to realize that joint flexibility plays a huge role in maintaining your mobility and keeping you upright when you get older. Good joint flexibility increases the ability to battle degenerative bone diseases, arthritis, and other conditions that hinder flexibility. When you exercise on the treadmill at a normal speed, you tend to minimize the chance of contracting disorders that limits flexibility and mobility. Though you might have some conditions of that disease, joint flexibility helps lessen the pain.

Aside from this, you are going to build your bone density as well when you run regularly. A higher bone density helps combat diseases like osteoporosis, a disease that makes your bones fragile and your joints painfully moving. An exercise like running is great for strengthening bones, and the treadmill is indeed a great way to work without damaging your joints because it generates lesser impact.

As long as you exercise hard enough to maintain good muscle mass, then building stronger and stronger bones through impact is also good. It can help prevent you from breaking a bone in the future. Runners, especially those who run on the track are more prone to overuse injuries and stride injuries, so starting on a cushioned belt would be more forgiving than starting on a hard surface.

4. Having full control of your running

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Another thing that really helps you if you choose to run on a treadmill is that you are fully in control. If you are not fit to run or run very little, you may want to go to yoga or stretching to relax your muscles before undertaking an intensive run. Significantly, you can control all of the aspects to suit your fitness level to a tee. 

“Treadmill training provides a completely controlled environment,” says Selena Samuela, a Peloton Tread Instructor. “You can accurately control the pace, incline, interval, and recovery. For example, getting used to running at certain speeds because you’re forced to, is much easier to do while there’s a belt moving under your feet.” As you have full control of what Samuela mentioned, you are likely able to customize the workout to your liking. Plus, you are absolutely going to make progress and development and will not stay at beginner level forever.  

The programmable functions of recent treadmill models allow you to set the exact minute, kilometer, and pace you need to get. This way, you can notice what fitness level you are at and how hard you are pushing your body. Thanks to the fitness trackers and heart rate monitors, you can see the progress you have made in a certain period of time.

5. Simulating Race Courses While Indoors

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The most unique benefit of a treadmill is that it allows you to simulate the conditions of your desired racecourse. Most recent treadmill models enable you to create a unique course profile that you can use to accurately simulate the exact course you are training for.

Besides, if you cannot program the machine, you can manually adjust the incline levels based on the course map. Then, you can train yourself conveniently.

For runners who are training to run in the Boston marathon, you can even put in lifts under the rear end of the treadmill to simulate downhill running. With the "Downhill Training Package," you can simulate the pounding of the downhill parimatch feedbacks on your quads before running the opening miles of the race.

6. Heart Benefits

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The treadmill is a very valuable instrument for diagnosing cardiac conditions as it can calculate the pressure of blood passing into blood vessels. The heart, for example, may not show visible symptoms of heart failure until the patient is put under enough stress. Therefore, a treadmill comes in handy because it can put a body under stress. The heart rate is typically measured during a treadmill examination for people who are not actually getting heart attacks but have some risk factors such as elevated cholesterol.

Regular aerobic exercise, such as running or jogging, improves blood circulation throughout the body and helps lower blood pressure by helping the heart to become stronger. Apparently, strength training can prevent cardiac disease by improving the levels of high-density lipoprotein, as well as lowering low-density lipoprotein, which is known to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease (good cholesterol).

However, everyone who has heart health concerns should ask their doctor first before starting any type of exercise program.  This should be done to ensure that they are not putting too much stress on their body, or might interfere with any existing heart medications. 

7. Benefits to Diabetes

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When it comes to running, treadmills are a perfect way to promote having patients to workout daily, which increases the amount of blood that is getting to the muscles and assists with glucose regulation in type 2 diabetics. Results are being published in an Indian Journal published in the area of Fundamental and Clinical Medicine with daily exercise reducing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

While much is being done to treat the diabetes crisis, the only approach to maintain the condition under control for most people is a diet that includes exercise. Any individual who has the disease should check with their doctor before beginning new workout workouts because exercise that is too hard will increase blood sugar levels.

If exercising for fewer than 20 minutes at a time, the tissues will use the accumulated glucose in the body; but, if you work out for more than 20 minutes, the muscles will not consume as much glucose from the blood and it takes longer to remove it than it does to carry it in.

The daily workout on a treadmill enables patients to reduce their low blood sugar levels in enough amounts that once a week the patient will be allowed a drug to lower their blood sugar levels a little. Working out helps to control hormones that cause sleep, and that sleeping sound happens to make your workouts more effective. Some aspects that tend to hold our blood sugar levels constant are our sleep cycles. 

8. Mental Health and Motivation

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A last but not least benefit that you receive from running on a treadmill is that it actually makes the brain work a lot smoother, thus making you feel much happier. As a matter of fact, running and cardiovascular workouts like biking allow your brain to produce elevated levels of endorphins. And “Endorphins” are the chemical compounds in the brain that lead to feelings of happiness. As a result, running on a treadmill possibly helps you relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. 

There is something called the runner's high, which is when runners get a sense of euphoria and pleasure after running far distances. Although the feeling might seem like being on happy pills, science explains that running induces naturally occurring endorphins. In addition, there is possibly another naturally occurring brain chemical called endocannabinoids that create a sense of pleasure. 

As you feel happy with running or working out regularly, you start to build your own motivation to run harder the next few days. Significantly, you can use entertainment as your motivating factor for running as well. Treadmills allow you to watch TV shows or series while running, which is what you cannot do with outdoor running. If you do not want to run on treadmills boringly, check out our recommended 10 Netflix shows that might bring excitement and motivation to your running routine. 


As you can see, there are a huge deal of advantages you get from running on a daily basis, and there are still more rewards if you are fortunate enough to buy your own treadmill. Running on a treadmill helps you reduce the likelihood of heart failure, asthma, osteoarthritis, and other joint-related health conditions. Through the usage of resistance training and bodyweight workouts, you will improve muscle strength, stamina, and bone strength.

We would like to suggest you run on treadmills because they are secure, accessible, transportable, and simple to use. Plus, we also hope that through our blog you no longer misunderstand the advantages of treadmill running, yet know what treadmill running can offer while outdoor running cannot. 


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