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The Best Adjustable Dumbbells of 2023

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 27, 2023
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Adjustable dumbbells are a kind of workout equipment that is quite popular for most people these days. The reason is that they can be adjusted pretty conveniently. Moreover, it is also really beneficial workout equipment that can help transform your body really fast and effectively. That is the reason why checking for one of the best adjustable dumbbells is the best thing to do in 2023. Below is a list of the top 10 best products that we have selected for all of you. All of them are well-made and high in quality.

List of Top 1o Best Adjustable Dumbbells

10. DlandHome Adjustable Dumbbells


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Starting off with the first product, it is a set of 2 dumbbells. Each dumbbell weighs 27.5 pounds which makes it 55 pounds in total. The design is really modern and convenient thanks to the octagonal shape which can prevent the dumbbell from rolling when placing down on a flat surface. On top of that, there are 2 black rods in total, and both of them have a length of 17.3 inches. Also, there is also a connecting rod that comes with a length of 4.3 inches.

The best thing that you will get from these dumbbells is that the durable and non-slip handle. So, you will feel very secure lifting the weights. On the inside of each weight, there is a mixture of sand and iron, and the surface of the weight is made out of PE material in order to make it durable and recyclable.


  • 4x 2.75-pound plates.
  • 4 pieces of screw collars
  • 8x 5.5-pound plates.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • 2 rods and 1 connecting rod.
  • Anti-rust and corrosion.
  • Octagonal shape.

What To Consider:

  • Smells a bit bad.

9. Bibowa Adjustable Dumbbells

adjustable dumbbells

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If you are looking for dumbbells that come with a pretty high weight, then considering getting this is the best choice. These adjustable dumbbells are from Bibowa, and they are quite solid dumbbells. All things that you see inside this pack are made out of iron which means they are going to be super durable. On top of that, there are 4 5kg plates, 4 2.5kg plates, 6 1.25kg plates, and 6 0.5kg plates.

That way, that would make it a lot easy and flexible in choosing the best weight to lift. You can also use this as a barbell too if you want to improve both arms as there are 2 barbell bars and a connector included in the box, and that is really beneficial.


  • Weighs 110 pounds in total.
  • Made of iron.
  • Non-slip handles.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Easy to store and use.
  • Compact.

What To Consider:

  • A bit costly.
  • cylinder-shaped plates which are rollable.

8. KOOLSEN Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set

adjustable dumbbell weights

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Coming up next to the 8th ranking product, we would really like to showcase one of the best adjustable dumbbells. The special thing about these is they look really good and eye-catching. Plus, it is a 4-in-1 dumbbell pack since you can adjust the weight to 6.8lbs, 11.1lbs, 16.7lbs, and 22lbs as you prefer to. The plates are made out of high-quality steel which means they are going to last for a very long period of time.

Talking about the handles, they are very durable and grippy thanks to the foam it comes with. On top of that, you will also feel pretty comfortable as well because it is soft. One of the biggest benefits that you will get from this is the compactness that it provides. Even if it has a cylinder shape, it will still stay in one place thanks to the help of rubber rings.


  • 4x 2.8lbs plates.
  • 2x 4.9lbs plates.
  • Foam handle.
  • Rubber ring.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to store.

What To Consider:

  • Nothing to complain about.

7. SNODE Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbell

iron dumbbell

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Are you looking for a kind of adjustable dumbbell for your heavy lifting? Then, we would really like to recommend this to all of you. Here is an adjustable dumbbell from SNODE Store, and this product is really good because both men and women can use it. The thing that we actually love about this is that it looks really nice with that black color and iron build. The handle that comes with this thing is non-slip which means you will never need to worry that you will drop it.

On top of that, there will also be a base which you can place your dumbbell after lifting it which is a really good thing. Another benefit that users are going to get is a 1-year warranty which you will be able to use when you face any problem with the product. Thanks to the telescopic rod, your weight plates will never fall off because they would lock in pretty well.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Non-slip handle.
  • Iron build.
  • Both for men and women.
  • Comes with an iron base.
  • Telescopic rod.

What To Consider:

  • Since it is this good, the price is pretty high.

6. PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell


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In ranking 6, we need to really show you the best choice of adjustable dumbbell if you are looking for the one that comes in 2 packs. Also, this is will also be a pretty nice dumbbell for light or normal lifting. They come with weight options from 3 pounds to 24 pounds which is nice for most people. These dumbbells have selector pins which make it easy for you to adjust the weight.

Guess what, the handles of these things are even padded in order to ensure that the process of lifting weight is pleasing. The feature that we think is really useful about this product is that you will get a 10-year warranty which is one of the best offers in a dumbbell. What is more, you will find these dumbbells a bit attractive since they come with a pretty different look and design. They recommend using both of them at the same time in order to improve muscles on both arms.


  • Adjustable from 3 pounds to 24 pounds.
  • Padded handles.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Looks eye-catching.
  • Selector pins for convenient use.
  • Comes in a pack of 2 dumbbells.
  • Nice grip.

What To Consider:

  • A bit noisy while lifting.

5. Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Pair

compact dumbbells

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If you are trying to look for a kind of adjustable dumbbell that is compact and looks cute, we have got an interesting product to show to all of you. What we have here is a pair of Nice C adjustable dumbbells, and they work as 5-in-1 dumbbells. The reason is that you would be able to change it by 5 different levels, and the process of adjusting the weight is really easy and handle. Furthermore, each dumbbell alone weighs 2.3 pounds, and you can increase the weight of those dumbbells by just adding the included tools on them.

The non-slip handle is one of the most necessary features that you will get on these because you will never see yourself dropping the dumbbells to the floor. What you would not believe about these products is that they come in 4 different color options and come at a really reasonable price. Plus, they are pretty handy for the users to bring with them due to the compactness of the products.


  • 5 different adjustments.
  • Made out of neoprene.
  • 4 colors to choose from.
  • Non-slip grippy handle.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Low price.

What To Consider:

  • No warranty.
  • Not made out of iron.

4. shanchar Weights Dumbbells Set

adjustable dumbbells

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We are really excited to showcase another product that is an ideal choice for those who think that they are beginners to lifting weight. Well, this is a set of 2 dumbbells from shanchar. These are perfectly designed, and they work both as a pair of dumbbells or a barbell by simply connect them together. The total weight that you are going to get from these is 66 pounds, and you can adjust to the right weight for yourself.

Thanks to the rubber coating on the plates, you will never need to worry about it damaging your house's floors. Besides, the handles are pretty grippy as well so that the users will find it comfortable and soft to hold. The connecting rod for the barbell is also made with a rubber coating in order to make it grippy to hold. They are pretty durable and sturdy as well.


  • Rubber-coated plates.
  • Rubber-coated handles.
  • Total weight: 66 pounds.
  • Durable.
  • Temperature resistant.

What To Consider:

  • Anti-rolling design.
  • No warranty.

3. IAMACE Adjustable Dumbbells Set

set of adjustable dumbbells

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Coming to the top 3 of the list, we think it would be a great idea to review a product from IAMACE. That is because this is the perfect dumbbell set for those who do not need a heavyweight. These dumbbells are coming in black color which looks insanely attractive. Furthermore, you will find that there is a rubber ring around each plate so that it will never damage the floor on furniture when you place it down.

You might be worried about setting it up when your first get it, but the process of assembling it up is quite simple and easy. With a rubber-coated handle, it will provide a decent grip while lifting it. The weight can go up to 88 pounds, and that is a pretty nice point to start from. If you feel like you want to use it as a barbell, you can just use the connecting rod to connect both of them together. The rod is also padded which makes the experience extremely enjoyable.


  • Made of steel.
  • Can be connected together.
  • Padded connecting rod.
  • Rubber-coated handle.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Rubber ring around plates.

What To Consider:

  • It has no warranty.

2. ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell

adjustable dumbbell

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Before getting to the last product on our list, we should take a look at another high-quality adjustable dumbbell from ATIVAFIT. This one looks a bit different from the others, but it provides a number of benefits that most people would like to have. It comes with a base which means you would be able to place it properly after using it. The total weight that you are going to get from this is 44 pounds.

Additionally, the weight of the dumbbell can be adjusted easily thanks to the push-pull design. With the small size that it offers, that would make your house really tidy and well-organized. Not only does it make your house look good, but the compactness also allows the users to bring the dumbbell to any place easily. The soft handle also features a pretty nice grip in order to improve stability while lifting it.


  • Weight: 44 pounds.
  • Compactness.
  • Soft handle.
  • Push-pull design.
  • Can be placed on a base.
  • More reasonable price than others.

What To Consider:

  • Plastic base.

1. GRIT Adjustable Dumbbells Set

dumbbell pack

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As we are now in the 1st ranking, we would really like to end the list by revealing the best adjustable dumbbell from GRIT. Elite Gear Store. This product comes as a set of 2 dumbbells. By looking at them for the first time, you will see that these things are really good-looking as well as premium. The weight that you can adjust is from 11 to 55 pounds which is a great thing for most people nowadays.

You can also change or adjust the weight effortlessly and conveniently by just pulling the weight in or out. The handles that come with these dumbbells are really grippy so that you can enjoy lifting the weight. There are also 2 bases that allow the users to store the dumbbells after finish the lifting process. This pack of dumbbells is an absolutely nice choice for both beginners or professionals.


  • Weight range: 11 - 55 pounds.
  • Secure textured handles.
  • Comes in a pack of 2.
  • Bases included.
  • Easy to adjustable.
  • Push-pull design.

What To Consider:

  • Its price.

Buying Guides To Choosing The Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Well, we have finally gone through all products on our list, but choosing the one is also a thing that you should be considering too. You know exactly how it feels when you cannot choose the right product for yourself and spend too much money on it. That is the reason why we decided to be here today in order to help you out by providing some buying guides. These buying guides would be useful and beneficial while you are looking to get one of the best adjustable dumbbells on the online market.


First off, you should be thinking about the right weight that you need. You should know if you are going to lift the weight as a beginner or a professional. If you just start lifting weight, we suggest you get the one that comes with a weight range of just 11 to 55 pounds. That would be the best one for you as you can add more weights later when your muscles get fully grown. However, if you are a pro and have been lifting for years, you can just go with the one with a weight of 60 to 80 pounds.

Ease of Use

The product that you choose should also be easy to use because if it is hard to use, you will have no motivation to lift anymore. So, there are a couple of things that you need to think of, such as the handle, the shape it comes with, etc. Well, the handle that you should get is the one that is made out of rubber and well-padded because that will allows you to hold it comfortably. Moreover, slip resistance is one of the most important things as well. Furthermore, we recommend choosing the one that has a rubber coating on the plate and an octagonal shape in order to keep the whole dumbbell stable. Having a base to store the dumbbell after using it is also a good idea as well.


The third point that you should be considering before getting one of the best adjustable dumbbells is to know what it is made out of. As all of you have known, there are a number of dumbbells out there on the market, and all of them are not made out of the same material. Some are made out of plastic, some are made out of iron, and some are made out of neoprene. However, we would really like to tell you that you should choose the one that is made out of iron because it is more durable. On top of that, the iron should be resistant to rust, corrosion, heat, weather, etc. If each plate has a rubber ring around it, that would even be more useful.


Another thing that is nice to have is the ability to 2 adjustable dumbbells as a barbell in order to improve all parts of your body. Normally, that type of adjustable dumbbell usually comes with connectors and a rod, so you can set everything up by yourself. Also, the rod that you choose should be the one that has a soft padding in order to let you hold it really comfortably.


Last but definitely not least, size is also a considerable point for those who are looking for one of the best adjustable dumbbells. If you are going to use normally that at home, you can just get the one of any size because that does not matter. However, if you actually going to use the dumbbell at any place, the one with a small size is the one that you should take a look at.

What Weight Should A Beginner Lift?

Basically, if you are new to using dumbbells, you should start from 10 to 20 pounds if you are a man. If you are a woman, professionals suggest lifting 5 to 10 pounds weight because that would not damage your muscles as they are trying to be stronger.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Lifting Dumbbells?

Most people might think that dumbbells can only make your arms bigger, but it provides more benefits than what you have ever expected. Other than making your muscle bigger, lifting dumbbells can also strengthen your bones and make them stronger. Moreover, your heart will start to train itself to be stronger day by day. Body fat will be burnt drastically as well if you include it in your daily routine.

What Exercise You Can You Do With Dumbbells?

With dumbbells, you would be able to do a lot of intense exercises, such as:

  • Shoulder Press
  • Lunge
  • Squat
  • Triceps Kickback
  • Glute Bridge
  • Triceps Extension.

All of these exercises are the exercise that you can do it at home with a pair of adjustable dumbbells.


Choosing one of the best adjustable dumbbells would be a pretty tough task to complete for most people. However, we believe that you would be able to choose one of the best as we have walked you through the whole article with 10 products and some buying guides. All products that we have showcased are literally the best products you can find right now on the online market.

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