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Best Boxing Gloves for Fitness Training in 2023

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 2, 2023
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Boxing is an international sport and a form of high-impact cardio workout that does not require a lot of equipment to start with. However, it needs a pair of good boxing gloves as a primary tool for you to perform well, be it in the ring or at the gym. When you want to get the best boxing gloves, you need to compare features like exterior construction, interior comfort, good padding system, and custom fit. This is just to name a few. A lot of products on the market these days have evolved and copied one another’s styles from time to time. Some brands are even flooded with sponsored advertisements or reviews that are not reliable enough. 

This fact makes it pretty challenging for buyers to get a pair of worthy gloves for their training. We believe that good gloves would definitely allow you to perform comfortably and offer full protection to your knuckle. That is why we have haunted only the top 10 best out of the best to review. Enjoy scrolling down the list and find the most matching pair for your skill level. 

List of Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves in 2023

10. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves

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Whilst the price of this pair is quite expensive, the best features of Fairtex boxing gloves themselves are unique contoured and tight-fit. Made out of a premium heat-resistance leather and foam system, your knuckles will be protected just fine. However, the padding can be a fit light which is more compatible to use for sandbag boxing rather than boxing sport in the ring.

The design of the velcro strap makes it quick and convenient to customize your fit. But, most users said that it could be a bit tight for the first time. Since the gloves are moisture-absorbent, you will be free from hand sweating while wearing them. All good for the interior. Still, it would be the all-perfect gloves if the exterior could not easily tear. 

Why we recommend this:

  • Available in different size 
  • Feels a lot lighter on the hands 
  • Less bulky construction
  • Velcro strap for quick and easy fit 
  • Very comfortable for the interior

What to consider:

  • A bit high in price 
  • Not for ring boxing sport
  • The exterior could easily tear without proper care

9. Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER II Leather Boxing Gloves

Leather Boxing Gloves

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These gloves are made out of Full Grain Buffalo Leather which promotes durability. Meanwhile, the interior features triple density and high-impact foam to better protect the knuckles. Paired with velcro closure, it is not just comfortable to wear, but pretty convenient to put on and fit. 

Thanks to its breathable mesh panel, your grips would not sweat or feel stuffy during the performance. Its detailed stitching is what makes it the best well-spent boxing glove for the price of under 100 bucks. If you are looking for the cheapest, yet best value pair of training gloves, you should not hesitate in choosing this one. 

Why we recommend this:

  • Many colors available 
  • High density and high impact from interior 
  • Mesh panel for greater air ventilation 
  • Affordable price yet offers the best value 
  • Best for training

What to Consider:

  • Not for real boxing
  • A bit heavier on hands

8. Brace Master MMA Gloves for Boxing

Boxing Gloves for Men

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This pair of boxing gloves from Brace Master offers a wide range of sizes. Since the size is available from 6oz to 140oz, users can choose this brand for either sparring or dense bag work. For a starter, we highly recommend you choose between 6oz to 8oz because it feels lighter and allows you to shift the punch faster. However, if you often do boxing with sandbags, getting 14oz provides ultimate padding and you can throw a heavy punch. 

The overall design of the glove is pretty neat. It comes with a velcro strap for fast putting on and taking out. In addition, there is a Hook & Loop Closure to support the wrists and make sure it does not fall off during training. The exterior is made highly of leather that can be wiped clean and easily cared for. At the same time, the interior comes with a thick padding system to protect the knuckles. The open palm design makes it super-duper breathable. That way, the palms will not sweat and make you feel uncomfortable at all. 

Why we recommend this:

  • Available in a lot of sizes
  • Velcro strap added with hook & loop closure 
  • Ultimate support around wrists, palms, and knuckles
  • The exterior is easy to maintain

What to Consider:

  • It can be quite lightweight for some serious boxers. If that is the case, you should consider 16oz or 18oz.

7. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves for Men & Women

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Liberlupus Boxing Gloves for Men & Women comes with both quality and price. With 5 sizes available, buyers can choose from lightweight to heavyweight. Although the exterior is made out of faux leather, a lot of users have reviewed that it is durable and simple to take care of. The overall design and construction are meant for boxing workouts including boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and sparring training. Simply choose an 8oz to 10oz if you only want to use it for sparring. We highly recommend that you choose a heavy one if you want to throw a heavy punch. 

Its extra secure fit involves full velcro wrap around the wrists. Therefore, it offers lifting support for your wrists and ensures it does not slip accidentally. Together with multiple layers, thick padding, and contoured design, full protection is with your hands. 

Why we recommend this:

  • A lot of sizes available
  • Full wrap velcro straps; support the wrists & quick to put on
  • Non-slip & custom fit for secure punch 
  • Skin-friendly liner
  • Mesh opening in the palm for quick drying

What to Consider:

  • The padding can be too thick

6. Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

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With the price below 30 bucks, this pair is good value for the money. These engineered leather boxing gloves feature a hard shell which is great for the hardest hit. Thanks to the snug fit and thick padding on the inside, it offers ultimate protection to your grip as well as knuckles. The gel padding foam makes the hands cold and comfortable. Meanwhile, the mesh palm design allows the sweat to quickly dry. 

To ensure a secure fit and quick fastening, the manufacturer uses a hook and loop as a closure on top of the velcro straps. Available from 8oz to 16oz, you can choose any of them to meet the requirement of your certain workout. 

Why we recommend this:

  • Good quality for the price
  • Many size options & many colors
  • Gel foam & mesh palm design
  • Hook, loop, and velcro straps

What to Consider:

  • It smells, so it may require you to use a cleaning kit/ spray to maintain

5. RDX Boxing Gloves for Sparring & Boxing Training

Boxing Gloves Sparring Muay Thai

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If you are looking for boxing gloves with good padding and a slim profile, this pair from RDX should be your option. It is best for sparring and Muay Thai. With a naturally contoured design, it makes the user's hands comfortable while wearing. In addition, these gloves are skin leather which shows durability. Coupled with pending loma tech, the design ensures greater comfort even with those whose thumb's base is thick. The manufacturer crafted the product to fit with different kinds of training including sparring or punching bag training. 

Why we recommend this:

  • highly protective & shock-absorbing design
  • best for both sparring and bag punching
  • custom form-fitting contour
  • hook & loop closure strap
  • available up to 6 color options
  • superior cuff support
  • mesh panel at palm area allowing airflow

4. Hayabusa T3 LX Leather Boxing Gloves for Men and Women

 boxing gloves

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Getting your size right is important when it comes to choosing boxing gloves. After that, it is about the resistance that you need when you punch. This product from Hayabusa offers various sizes to fit with either male or female boxers. Additionally, you can also choose different weights ranging from 12 oz, 14 oz to 16 oz. With all these sizes, it is true that the gloves are simply made for fitness, sparring, and training. Its full-grain leather ensures there is no problem doing boxing with sandbags.

More importantly, the interior is tailed for a comfortable fit and ultimate protection of your knuckles. The designer of these gloves also chooses the cool-effect fabric to make sure that the inside can withstand different temperature levels. A bit more unique compared to others, the boxing gloves from Hayabusa feature dual interlocking velcro wrist straps. This does not only serve for firm closure but also provides support for the wrists.

Why we recommend this:

  • Robust exterior; compatible with different training needs
  • Comfortable interior - temperature regulation, padding, fit, cool-effect
  • Dual interlocking velcro strap system offers firm closure & support around the wrists
  • Easy to maintain

What to Consider:

  • There is no mesh system, so the gloves can be unbreathable.

3. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

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Cleto Reyes is a Mexican brand that has soared in popularity for a long time. Mostly, we have often seen the gloves from this brand is used for world championship contests. Since the product is handmade, it is beautifully crafted for different kinds of purposes. Besides the brand-produced gloves for boxing in the ring, this one is for simple training at the gym. You also have various sizes to select ranging from 12 oz up to 18 oz, each differs by 2 oz.

Unlike others, these mitts are less padded resulting in ways less lightweight and bulky. It is perfect for a quick throw. Interestingly, these boxing gloves can easily be kept, transported, and used.

Why we recommend this:

  • best for training
  • easily kept & maintained
  • less lightweight & bulky; perfect simply sparring
  • different sizes & made to suit with both male and female
  • a lot of colors to choose from

What to Consider:

  • Not for boxing in the ring.

2. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves for Men and Women

boxing gloves for men and women

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It is a luxurious and customized pair of gloves coming from the Hayabusa brand. This product is handcrafted and that might be the reason why the price is a bit higher. Also, it offers more sizes to choose from. It is available from 10 oz up to 18 oz, each is different from one another by 2 oz. As you pull them on, they flow tailored fit on hands. The materials are top of the range including the fabric, padding, stitches, and straps.

What is good about the customization option is that you will be able to tailor it to different levels of the fitting. But, it is not just that. The straps themselves offer both support and protection for your wrists and knuckles.

Why we recommend this:

  • A lot of sizes available
  • Users are able to tailor fitting
  • Velcro straps support both wrist and knuckle.
  • Involved all top-notch materials for the making

What to Consider:

  • The price might be the only concern.


1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves

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Get up to 19 color options, this Venum Elite Boxing Gloves do not only offer quality but also offer satisfaction for a user to choose their favorite color. With its triple layers of natural foam, it offers a good padding system that can protect your knuckles during the punch. Together with the reinforced palm and its lengthy cuff, it adds extra support to entire hands and wrists. The gloves also promote high density and shock absorption.

Why we recommend this:

  • Long cuff providing extra protection for the wrist
  • 3 layers for natural foam
  • Advance palm padding
  • high density & shock absorption

What to Consider:

  • The price tag seems a bit high.

Buying Guides To Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves

Whether you are choosing boxing gloves for your upcoming fight or for stamina training, it is a good idea to take it seriously. As there are plenty of options available on the market, it would be a bit hesitant for you on what you should get. That is why we have some buying guides prepared for all of you so that you can choose the right pair of boxing gloves with no issues at all.


To properly train your speed and strength, it is important to know what is the perfect boxing glove weight for you. The higher the weight is, the more protection and padding you get. However, the higher weight will slightly decrease the punching speed as well. So, you can choose the right one by know the requirement of your body weight.

For those who weigh less than 100 pounds or a bit more than 100 pounds, we recommend getting the gloves with 6 to 8 ounces weight. However, if you weigh around 150 pounds, 12 ounces gloves are the best ones.


Knowing what gloves are padded with is good because that ensures that your knuckles will not get hurt. The one that we think really the best choice for all people is a kind of padding that is dense and contains multiple layers. You just need to make sure that your fingertips will be able to rest well inside the gloves. Moreover, getting the ones with velcro straps is better than the lace-up ones because that allows users to take off and put on easily.

Glove Material

After knowing the weight you should pick, the padding you should get, now you need to know what those gloves are made of. That way, you know if you can keep your gloves safe for long-term use or not. Leather is a good example of good glove material. It comes with high durability, high quality, moisture resistance, especially premium-looking. So, we suggest that you choose the ones that are made of leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need gloves for the punching bag?

It is great to use gloves for punching bags because they are able to protect your knuckles from accidental damage. Moreover, punching a heavy bag with bare knuckles would break your bones pretty easily.

How often should you change boxing gloves?

Normally, a pair of boxing gloves last for 1 to 2 years. So, it is good to replace your old boxing gloves after 2 years later. However, if you develop your skill and gain some weight, you can change boxing gloves to a different size and weight.

What does boxing do to your body?

Boxing provides a lot of benefits to your body and health, such as:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Build strength and stamina.
  • Build confidence.
  • Make you look more fit.


Since boxing gloves are the most primary tool needed for boxing sport, investing a bit into buying a good one would result in better performance. Although the design of each glove evolves over time, the best one should not miss these good features. Good padding, air ventilation system, heat regulation, and protection should present in the best gloves for boxing.

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