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10 Best Compact Treadmills; The Ideal Running Machines for Small Space!

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 25, 2023
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Compact treadmills are just like the normal ones that we have seen before, but it just basically has a smaller body and size. They also play an important for those who really need to save or organize the space of their room while getting in shape. That is the reason why you should look for one of best products right now on the market. Hence, if you are looking the ones with high quality and useful features, you check the list below of top 10 best compact treadmills that we have prepared for all of you.

List of Top 10 Best Compact Treadmills in 2023

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10. FUNMILY 2 in 1 Under Desk Compact Treadmill

The girl jogging on the compact treadmill

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Starting off the list with the 10th ranking, we have got one of the best compact treadmills that you may be able to consider getting for your home or office. This FUNMILY is the 2-in-1 under desk treadmill, and you will absolutely love this. It features a 2.25HP motor which is strong enough for you to run fast without any problem. On top of that, there is an LCD display that you can look at in order to keep tracking your running info. You can even look at the content on your tablet as well thanks to the tablet holder.

The Bluetooth speakers play an important role in allowing you to listen to your music, so you can boost your mood while running. Since this offers a pretty compact and foldability, it would make it easier for you to save some space in your room or your house. After running, just fold that handrail down and put it under the table or bed by moving it with transport wheels. There are 12 programs or presets coming with this treadmill, thus you can effortlessly choose any option.


  • Speed range: 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph.
  • Emergency-stop system.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Remote control.
  • 1-year product protection.
  • Low sound.

9. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Compact Treadmills

A western girl running on the treadmill

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Next up, you may need to take a quick look at another product from Sunny Health & Fitness which is a quite well-known company, too. This provides a lot of things that treadmill runners would like to experience. Well, it comes with a 2.2HP motor, and that is a strong motor that lets you run at a pretty high speed as well. The size of this treadmill will make you love it so much because that helps a lot if you really want to save some space in your room. This product is made out of steel, therefore the durability is going to be high.

After using the treadmill, you can just fold it up and put it into a spare space near the corner. Furthermore, controlling the whole treadmill has never been this easy. On the handrail, you can just quickly click on any button to change the speed, to start, or to stop the machine. The LCD display gives you all the information that you need to know while running, such as the burnt calories, time, distance, speed, and pulse. You do not need to worry a lot as they also include 9 presets that you can choose from in order to run correctly.


  • Device holder.
  • Speed range: 0.5 mph to 9 mph.
  • 220lbs weight capacity.
  • 3 adjusting incline levels
  • Shock absorption.
  • Transporting wheels.
  • Emergency stop clip.

What To Consider:

  • No speakers and ports.
  • Cannot be folded down.

8. UREVO Foldable Treadmills for Home

The girl walking on the UREVO treadmill

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What we have here right now is an incredibly small and compact treadmill that actually comes with the most features that you really need. It is the UREVO treadmill for home. Well, this is a kind of treadmill that allows you to fold after you use it. Even if it comes with a really small and thin size, the motor that it has is also pretty strong as well which is the 2.5HP motor. You can easily run on the treadmill without thinking about anything a lot because there are 12 presets coming out of the box.

The LCD helps you to keep your eyes on the information of what you are doing on a treadmill. It will show the burnt calories, speed, time, distance. Moreover, the mat that it comes with has the non-slip feature which means you will be able to run on this with no danger. By looking at this, you would know that it is made specifically for those who need to save space because of its small size and foldability.


  • Phone holder.
  • Speed: 1 to 12 km/h.
  • 2.5HP motor.
  • Safety key.
  • Transport wheels.
  • 260lbs weight capacity.

What To Consider:

  • Not for those who have big feet.

7. RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk

RHYTHM FUN small treadmill
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We are now ranking number 7, so we are going to showcase a really good option for those who love a kind of treadmill that is really compact and clean. Of course, it is the one coming from RHYTHM FUN. Since this comes in a pretty thin and compact size, the motor that it includes is just 1.5HP. That is not too strong, but good enough for you to run at a decent speed, and the sound that it makes would be a lot slower than the other treadmills do.

It has really lightweight, therefore you will be able to move it easily without struggle. On top of that, it also comes with 2.3 inches thickness that allows you to carry or lift it effortlessly. Its frame is made out of steel which is really durable in order to prevent any danger of breaking. There is also an LED display that will show all of your activities, such as the speed, time, distance, calories, etc. You can control everything on this treadmill by using the mobile app which is really convenient.


  • Shock absorption.
  • Speed range: 0.5 to 3.7 mph
  • Transporting wheels.
  • 7-level running belt.
  • Low noise.
  • Smart remote.

6. ANCHEER 2 in 1 Folding Compact Treadmills

ANCHEER home treadmill

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Here we have got one of the best choices if you are looking to get a compact treadmill with high quality. This is the ANCHEER 2 in 1 folding treadmill, and you will love what it provides you. The motor that it comes with is the one with 2.25HP, which is very beneficial for treadmill runners at a pretty high speed. You also get a really big benefit as well which are the 12 presets that they include into this treadmill.

All of those presets automatically sets the workout modes for you and save more of your time as well. Even if this treadmill has a pretty strong motor, it does not make a loud sound that would disturb people around you. Furthermore, the frame is made out of solid steel, hence, it will be super durable and sturdy even if you run every day. There is also an LCD panel that will help you track all of your information about running, such as burnt calories, speed, distance, time, etc. After purchasing this, you will get a product protector for a whole year.


  • Speed range: 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph.
  • Mobile app.
  • 5-layer running belt.
  • Remote control.
  • 265lbs weight capacity.
  • Tablet holder.
  • Low sound motor.

What To Consider:

  • The speed is a bit limited.

5. Estleys 2 in 1 Folding Compact Treadmills

Estleys compact treadmill

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This time, we would really like to bring you one of the greatest products among all that we have selected on this is the list. Estleys 2 in 1 treadmill is a pretty high-quality treadmill that you should look at next. The frame of this thing is made out of alloy steel, and that is also really durable too. As there are up to 12 running programs added to this treadmill, you will be able to run the right way without setting anything up by yourself. With the presence of a 2.25HP motor, the treadmill will provide you an incredibly nice speed that almost all runners need.

We cannot forget to mention that it is also foldable, so that will help you at saving some space in your room. After using the treadmill, you just need to fold it down and put it somewhere like under your bed or your storage room. Moving that machine would be really easy thanks to the transport wheels that it has on the bottom. The LCD display shows you a lot of things related to your workouts, such as the speed, steps, time, distance, and burnt calories.


  • Strong 2.25HP motor.
  • Running speed: 1 to 12km/h
  • Walking speed: 1 to 6.4km/h
  • Shock absorption.
  • 5-layer running belt.
  • Silent operation.

What To Consider:

  • No Bluetooth speakers.

4. Doufit Folding Treadmill for Home Use

The lady running on the Doufit treadmill for home

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We have reviewed a number of products so far, but we think that the one we are about to show you now is what you should not skip. Well, it is the treadmill for home use from Doufit, and it is actually really compact in size. The motor that it provides is not the best in the world, however, it can get your job done. Using this would be really easy for you because you can fold the handrail down in order to move it to any place to save space. That is impressively useful for the one who owns a quite small house.

There is also a thing that most people wish to get on a treadmill is the device holder. Surprisingly, it is featured in this treadmill which means you can place your phone or tablet while you are running to watch any show or news. The included remote control lets you turn on, turn off, and control the speed of the treadmill handily and fast. The LCD monitor shows all of your data that you need to know while running, such as the calories burning, speed, distance, time, etc. It has got the power protection too, so you do not need to face the fear and run at the same time.


  • Speed range: 0.6mph to 3.7mph.
  • 1HP motor.
  • Remote control.
  • Steel construction.
  • Foldable handlebar.
  • Device holder.
  • Shock absorption and non-slip.

What To Consider:

  • Not for those with big feet.

3. SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Compact Treadmills

SereneLife compact smart electric treadmill

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On the top 3, we decided to bring all of you an option from one of the most popular treadmill companies on the online market, SereneLife. This is a smart electric folding treadmill that comes with the same 1HP motor as the last product. However, it has got a lot of features that we think you are going to need in your daily life. Of course, while running, you can adjust the inclination by 3 different levels.

There is also an LCD display panel that shows all data about your running process, therefore you can keep tracking on it. On the handrails, there are also pulse sensors that can track your heart rate as well. You will be able to use the mobile app, by connecting it through a Bluetooth connection. On top of all those features, there will also be 12 presets coming with the product out of the box which makes it easier for you to run.


  • 1HP motor.
  • Speed: 0.6 to 6.0 mph.
  • Emergency key.
  • 265lbs weight capacity.
  • Aluminum build.
  • Soft-drop system.

2. Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Goplus foldable compact treadmill

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We almost get to the last product on our list, so we think that it would be nice to show you another great product from Goplus. This treadmill here is going to make you love it so much because this comes with features that you need, especially, it looks nice. The frame of this product is made out of alloy steel, so it would be super durable and strong even if you run aggressively. Plus, the motor that it comes with is good enough which is the one with 2.25HP, and most importantly, it is quiet.

With the Bluetooth speakers on this treadmill, you will be able to enjoy your music while running. Thanks to the compactness that it provides, you would find it easy to move to any place. You can even fold it down and put it under your desk, your bed or anywhere else. It even includes the LED display that shows you your working out information, so you can track it quickly and nicely while running. While running, you can just use your remote control to change the speed, to turn off or no the treadmill conveniently.


  • 5-layer running belt.
  • Shock absoprtion.
  • Phone holder.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
  • 2.25HP strong motor.
  • Speed: 1 to 12km/h.
  • Comes in different color options.

What To Consider:

  • Not for those with big feet.
  • A little overpriced.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Compact Treadmills

compact treadmill

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We would really like to reveal the number 1 product on the list which is once again from Sunny Health & Fitness. This is absolutely the best product among the other compact treadmills on the online market. It is really compact, clean and really minimal. For those who really need to save space, you can also consider getting this product because it has small body that is also foldable as well.

This is a little different from the others as it comes with no motor at all, but it features dual flywheels. Therefore, the speed will increase and decrease depending on the force that you put to it. The LCD monitor provides the data of your calories, speed, and distance, etc. The soft foam handrails makes your running experience pleasing when you hold it. The weight that it can hold is up to 220lbs, and that is impressive since it comes with a quite small body.


  • Transporting wheels.
  • No electricity required.
  • Non-slip surface.
  • Small body.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Steel build.
  • Dual flywheels.

What To Consider:

  • No motor.
  • The running belt is quite narrow.
  • No inclining adjustability.

Buying Guides To Choosing The Best Compact Treadmill in 2023

Choosing a compact treadmill might be something new for some people, so they might run into some trouble choosing one. In order to avoid choosing the wrong one and regretting it, you should ask for some help from professionals or those who have experience. That is the reason why we would really like to help you out of your tough time by providing all of you with some buying guides to choosing the best compact treadmill. All of them are really useful, and you can make use it them during your purchasing process.

Type of Motor

As you know, compact treadmills usually come in a very compact size, so the motor might be sometimes low. So, you may need to look at the products that you are looking at carefully. If you think you need to run with high speed the ways professional runners do, take a look at the ones with 2.5 or 2.25HP motors. If you just want to run at a pretty decent speed, and not caring a lot, just go for the one with a 1HP motor that provides a speed of up to 4 MPH. However, if running is just a normal hobby and you just want to lose some weight, we would recommend the one that has no motor at all.

Building Material

When it comes to thinking about durability, it often reminds all of us of what that treadmill is made out of. Well, thinking about this point is quite important thing to do. Usually, treadmills are made out of metal or any other type of steel. We recommend all of you to go for the one that has an aluminum frame or steel frame because that will be super sturdy.

Weight Capacity

As we were talking about the building material, we cannot forget about the weight capacity that a treadmill features. You might ask what the perfect weight capacity is. Of course, you might have most treadmills come with 220lbs and 265lbs of weight capacity. But, you need to know your weight in the first place. Then, you should start looking for the one that you think is an ideal one for your weight. You need to also note that you need to choose the one that can handle more than your weight, not just your weight.

Running Belt

Last but definitely not least, running belt. The running belt is one of the most necessary things that you have to consider before buying a treadmill. The layers that it comes with are what you need to also think about as well. There are something like a 5-layer running belt and a 7-layer running belt, but we want you to get the one with the most layer because that would be better. What you cannot miss at all are the shock absorption and the non-slip feature as they ensure the safety of your running.

How To Burn More Calories On Your Treadmill

Have you ever noticed that you sometimes try so hard, but ended up losing just a few calories on your treadmill? That is because you have not done something properly. Now, we are showing you what you need to follow in order to burn more calories.

First, you need to work hard and intensely in order to burn more calories. But, you need to remember that you do not need to run every day in a week because that would hurt your muscle instead.

Second, eat right. Even if you work really hard on the treadmill, you will still not burn a lot of calories if you eat the wrong way. You have to consume enough nutrition and protein and reduce fat and carbs. One more thing, do not forget to stay hydrated.

Lastly, do not repeat the same preset or treadmill setting every day. That is because when you use the same setting or preset every day, it will put more pressure on your feeling. Just try something new, and you will be more motivated to run.

Is Running On a Treadmill Actually Easier?

Well, running on a treadmill can be harder for some people and can also be easier for some as well as long as you know how to warm up properly. But, most people have found that running on a treadmill is actually easier than running outside. The reason for that is because the treadmill comes with a running belt that will only give you a choice which is to run. So, you cannot refuse to stop running like when you do it outside. The other reason is that the treadmill surface is a little softer than the actual road outside that you run on which means there will be less pain.


Choosing one of the best compact treadmills can be a thing that frustrate you a lot, but all of the problems have been solved now. After walking all of you through all top 10 best products and some buying guides, we believe that you will have some clue on how to pick the best one now. On top of that, all of the best products that we have showcased above are really high-quality and good, so going with any one of them will not be wrong.

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