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The 6 Best Curved Treadmills in 2023: Which One Fits Your Home Gym?

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 23, 2023
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Come to think of it, you do not need to go to the gym to exercise. You can just simply do it in the comfort of your home, especially during this tough time where going outside is kind of scary. For your home gym, might we introduce you to one of the most popular exercise machines on the market which is a curved treadmill? Why curved treadmills and not other regular treadmills you might ask? Well, the reason is that with the curved treadmill you burn your calories faster, it engages more muscle groups, and is less harmful to your joints.

See how better it is compared to a regular treadmill? So, if you have not had one or are looking for a replacement for your old treadmill, we would recommend you to buy the curved treadmill. However, because there are different brands of curved treadmills on the market, picking the one that suits your fitness is not an easy job. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of the top 6 best-curved treadmills in 2023 so that you can buy the item with full confidence.

Our Editor's Top Picks of Curved Treadmills in 2023

6. NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill Ash

A lady running on the curved treadmill

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This beautifully designed curved treadmill from NOHrD is a must-have if you are the type of person who likes stylish exercise equipment. The treadmill is built with high-quality material. It has a smooth frame that is made from solid wood. The wood frame is not for show, it helps reduce the vibration of the treadmill when you are running or walking on it. Additionally, the curved belt, of course, is made from 62 movable wooden slats which are durable and strong. This allows you to burn the calories faster and makes it more natural and at ease when you run on the machine. Unlike other running belts, this belt does not require you to tighten it, oil, or grease it.

Besides all of the above, this treadmill also comes with two strong handlebars and 17.3 inches tablet on it. With this tablet, you can check on your progress as you run. It shows you all of the necessary data, plus it also has pre-program workouts if you are a beginner runner. So, if you are interested, do not hesitate to purchase one and try it for yourself.


  • The product has a strong build
  • Wooden frame and wooden belt
  • 17.3-inch tablet
  • Pre-program session

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5. JAJAJA Self-Discipline Curved Treadmill

JAJAJA curved treadmills

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This model of treadmill is different from the one above in terms of design. Instead of wood, this treadmill is made from stainless steel that is strong and durable. Because of its strong construction, the JAJAJA treadmill is able to support a power load of capacity and at the same time offers you solid support. Moving from how it is built, let us talk about the design and system. The item is equipped with a shock absorption system that allows you to run much faster all the while remaining quiet at the same time. This feature proves super useful especially if you are using it indoors.

JAJAJA curved treadmill also comes with a digital display that shows you the speed, distance, and calories burned. And, with that display, you can also manually change the speed of your run. You can adjust the 3-speed tilt which is great for fat burn and calories burned. Overall, this curved treadmill is a wonderful addition to your home gym, or even if you are just starting, it is also a good purchase for you.


  • The product has a solid construction
  • Shock absorption system
  • It supports heavy load weight
  • Digital display
  • 3 speed for adjustability

4. SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL Curved Treadmill

SpeedFit exercise machine

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This curved treadmill from SpeedFit guarantees you a treadmill that is worth your money. The materials which it is made from are of high quality. It is designed to fit with any type of workout, and all thanks to the Speedfit system. The system has a number of personal workouts with a push of a button. Since it has a lot of workout programs, you can play around with it and see which program best suits you. Moreover, you can keep track of your progress on the screen display that shows you the speed, distance, and calories burned.

You can walk, jog, or run on this curved treadmill, and unlike most treadmills where you have to drag your feet for it to move. With this treadmill, the moment you step on the machine, you can start running effortlessly and stay on rhythm. In addition, the soft running belt match every step to take and reduce stress on your joints. This allows you to gradually adjust the speed of the run without any complication. All in all, SpeedFit Speedboard ProXL is an exercise machine you need in your life.


  • This curved treadmill has a strong construction
  • It has a variety of personal workouts
  • Screen display
  • Soft running belt
  • Easy to adjust the speed of your run

Things to Consider:

  • The curved treadmill makes a bit of noises when you run on it

3. Assault Fitness AirRunner Curved Treadmill

Assault Curved treadmills

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This new breed of treadmill from Assault Fitness will keep you on your toes when it comes to exercising. It is superior steel constructed that is durable and sturdy. This may look heavy but in fact, it is not. It only weighs 280lbs which is pretty lightweight if you compare this treadmill with other traditional treadmills on the market; in addition, it can support the weight of up to 350 lbs. So, it makes this curved treadmill more appealing to everyone of any size. You can also move the treadmill around to make room since it has transportable wheels on the front of it.

What sets this curved treadmill aside from the rest of the curved treadmill on this list is the fact that it does not require any electricity. The moment you start to walk or run; the running belt will move as it picks up the energy from your movement. Thus, this machine will constantly follow the speed of your run and keep you comfortable as you run. Speaking of running belts, the belt in this model is made out of a commercial durability belt that can reach a distance of 150, 000 miles. If you want to know your progress, you can simply take a look at the screen display which shows you the time, speed, calories burned, and distance.


  • Strong and durable steel construction
  • Transportable wheels
  • This curved treadmill does not require electricity
  • Screen display
  • Commercial durability 150, 000 miles belt life

Things to Consider:

  • Since it does not use electricity to start, it can be a drag at first

2. IN10CT Health Runner Curved Treadmill

A girl standing on the IN10CT Health running pad

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If you are looking to buy a curved treadmill or wanting to replace the old one you have at home, look no further than IN10CT Health Runner curved treadmill. This piece of machinery has a strong and solid build. Aside from the strong construction, it can also be moved around the room as well. At the bottom of the machine, there are four transportable wheels which help if you are the kind of person who likes to move things around the room.

Just like the last curved treadmill, this machine is designed without an electrical motor as you will be the motor. You can start to walk or run, the speed will pick up and in no time, you will be running so smoothly that you will not even think that this treadmill has no motor. You can keep tapping on your workout with the screen display showing all of the necessary data. The rubberized slatted belt does not require you to lubricate it, and it allows you to run naturally without the hard impact; additionally, it is more durable than traditional treadmill belts and lasts around ten times longer. If you're the beginners, you can check out the tips for runners here.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Transportable wheels
  • This curved treadmill does not require electricity
  • Screen display
  • Strong rubberized running belt

1. SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Self-Generated Curved Treadmills

training running pad

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The last curved treadmill in this list is the CT400 self-generated curved treadmill from SB Fitness Equipment. This curved treadmill is made from alloy steel which is lightweight, strong, and durable. It can carry the weight of up to 375 pounds with ease. You can use this machine for Short Distances and Walking, Power Walking, Circuit Training, or Sprints, this treadmill can do it all. And, this model of treadmill is not like others on the market, it does not require routine maintenance.

Besides all of that, the Ultra-Thin Flexible Slats running belt also has super-strong shock absorption and offers you a relaxed and smoother run that reduces stress on your joints. Moreover, just like every curved treadmill on this list, if you wish to check the progress of your workout, you can check the screen display that shows all of the necessary data you need to know. So, to sum it up, if you do not have a treadmill at home or want to replace the old one, you can start with SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Self-Generated Curved Treadmill.


  • It has a solid build, alloy steel construction
  • The machine is lightweight and can support 375 pounds maximum weight
  • Compatible with a lot of devices
  • Screen display
  • Ultra-Thin Flexible Slats running belt

Buying Guide to Choosing Curved Treadmills

You can always learn from your mistakes but in the case of buying items, you need to avoid making those mistakes at all cost. You need to know everything about the product before making a purchase. So, to prevent you from ever making any mistake at all, you might need to take some of these key features into consideration.


When we think about buying anything, money is always the first one that comes to mind. It is best for you to not get carried away and purchase the most expensive one you see because it might offer the promising benefits for your performance. So, we suggest you have a certain amount in mind so you do not feel like you are getting ripped off if the product becomes displeased.


Speed is important for purchasing any kind of treadmill. However, for a curved treadmill, there are some that do not have a speed limit but they do have a distance limit. So, if you are looking for longer usage, you can always pick a higher range.


Weight capacity is a vital aspect when you buy a treadmill. It will guide you to purchase the one that is of weight you or the person you are buying it for. The standard maximum weight is 240lbs; however, some machines can go higher than that.


The screen display is the most important feature to have on the treadmill of your choice. You need to see the speed, distance, time, pulse, and calories burnt, and it needs to be accurate too. In addition, the built-in program can be a great help as well if you are too busy making working out your schedule. You can just follow the program to stay fit and healthy. Other than the screen display, Bluetooth speakers, or device holders are the little things that differentiate a good treadmill from a bad one.


We hope you find our list of best-curved treadmills informative, and you can purchase the one that you want without any doubt. Side note, please know that all of the treadmills are not from the same brand, thus their structures and functions are different from one another.

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