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10 Fitness Channels on Youtube Worth Checking

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 17, 2023
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We know exactly how it feels when we are stuck in our home most of the time, and that feels a little stressed out since you cannot get out and see people outside. So, it would be a great idea to exercise at home because it is a fun thing to do in order to keep yourself in shape and relaxed. Below are some fitness YouTube channels that we think are the best on YouTube right now. All of those channels provide different kinds of exercises, such as cardio workout, dancing, etc.

10 Best Fitness YouTubers You Should Check Out Now

NEXT Workout

NEXT Workout is a channel that is hosted by Igor Voitenko from Russia with 1.54 million subscribers. He is a really intense fitness guide that is really inspiring. In his channel, he usually posts videos about bodybuilding and intense workout moves. What is even more important, he even motivates the audiences by providing kind words and encouraging them in order to help them accomplish their goal. He also shows how to gain muscles on all parts of the body, such as the chest, triceps, biceps, backs, quadriceps, abs, etc. However, if you want to lose belly fat, you can also check out one of his videos as well.


Stan Browney is really well-known in the YouTube fitness community. His channel has around 1.38 million subscribers. His friend, Arjen, and his brother also take part in his videos most of the time. When it comes to talking about fitness or workout challenges, they are really extraordinary because they always complete the ones that normally cannot. That is absolutely mind-blowing.

Not only is he good at producing content about challenges, but he also makes videos about body transformation as well. In order to make his videos more exciting, he even talks about life and motivation. Plus, his channel is associated with some popular people as well like Wim Hof. By watching his video, you would also know which exercise improves which part of the body. 

Sixpackfactory.com by Peter Carvell

If you are a starter or beginner, we suggest you subscribe to this channel as he, Peter Carvell, will walk you through the whole workout process. Moreover, his videos are the best for those who usually aim to get six packs in a short period of time. The reason is that his channel is all about burning fat and gaining muscle quickly. Furthermore, it is quite obvious that his videos are about building six-packs because of his channel name.

What’s more beneficial, he usually talks and guides you about the diet that you should take daily. There is also a thing that we want to mention, most of his videos are shorts so that it would make it easier for you to watch. Nowadays, his channel has gained more than 1.46 million subscribers which means you can trust his workout quality. 

Plus One Fitness

This channel is run by a married couple, and their content is specifically about workouts. Moreover, there are a lot of kinds of workout videos, such as the full-body, the lower body, abs, low impact, etc. The best thing is that you can also choose to do exercise to improve other parts of the body as well, so you do not need to stick with just full-body exercise. Thanks to inspiring music that they use while they do the exercises, the audience would be able to keep themselves motivated for the whole session.

Another key thing that you need to know about this channel, all videos that they create are around 13 minutes. Even if this channel is quite new and low in subscriber counts, they are still very active in this YouTuber fitness community which is a really good thing for us. Besides their YoutTube channel, they are also working to help people improve their bodies on other platforms as well, such as TikTok and Instagram. 

Hybrid Calisthenics

Most people never realize that without motivation, fitness routines or activities will not last long. That is why we think that it would be a great idea to have Hybrid Calisthenics featured in our article today. This channel is hosted by a man with the name of Hampton Liu who really likes to talk about tips and tricks in our daily fitness lives. His videos are incredibly pleasing to watch because he always encourages and inspires people to start working out.

On top of that, the watchers can also complete those exercises in the videos correctly without any workout equipment. That is because almost all moves are calisthenics exercises. What is more, he even talks about the diet that you should follow as well which is a really good reason to consider checking his channel. 

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is one of the most well-known fitness influencers on YouTube. Her channel has over 20 million subscribers. She usually produces contents about lots of kinds of topics related to fitness, such as the types of workout, how to plan diet, etc. The best thing about this channel is that it is really active. In a week, you will see at least a few videos getting uploaded. Not only are her contents related to fitness, but they are also related to lifestyle, entertainment, challenges, etc.

She is also available on other platforms as well, such as Instagram, Twitch, etc. In her videos, she often shows the name of the exercises or moves on the screen as well as the timing which are the things that viewers really need. There is also a website that is owned by her, so you can check it out in order to get free workout programs and buy some exercise materials.

emi wong

Coming up next, the best workout YouTubers that you should check out is Emi Wong. She is a Canadian-born Hong Konger, and her channel has over 4 million subscribers. Even though she comes from Hong Kong, her videos are basically in English. Moreover, you can also enjoy reading subtitles both in English and Mandarin. Not only does she produce content about fitness, but she also makes videos related to lifestyle, vlogging, entertainment, diet, etc.

She is also a cross-platform fitness influencer which means you would be able to watch her videos on Instagram and Facebook as well if you are not active on YouTube. The reason that she is so popular in the community is because of the way she gives instructions to the exercise she does. She also talks about plenty of kinds of workout as well, such as full-body workout, lower-body workout, abs workout, upper-body, and a lot more.

The Fitness Marshall

Sometimes, a normal cardio workout might be a little bit boring for most people. Therefore, Fitness Marshall is one of the best YouTube channels that are specifically about dance workouts. Plus, he makes his videos more enjoyable by including people with different shapes and dance with funny dance moves too. By scrolling his channel, you will be able to find different kinds of dancing with trendy music.

On the other hand, his videos are also about challenges by setting goals to accomplish in any period of time. Additionally, you can also try the Fitness Marshall dance session if you feel like dancing to trending music is not what you like to do. Nowadays, his channel has over 3.2 million subscribers, and that is because dance workout is such a fun hobby to follow. 

Kkardio Dance

Another channel that we would really like to show next is also specifically about dancing. However, it is the best one that you should check out if you like K-pop dance. Viewers will be able to find almost all dances of k-pop songs from different artists, such as Blackpink, EXO, BigBang, BTS, NCT, and that is a good thing.

One of the biggest good things in their videos is the background that they use is really attractive and stunning, such as in the studio and different places in Singapore. There are also a Facebook page and an Instagram account that you will also be able to check out in case you are not using YouTube right now. However, we recommend checking this channel out on YouTube for better video and sound quality. 


Coming to the last channel that you can check out in 2023, we have MadFit on our article. She is a YouTuber that posts videos about a lot of kinds of content, such as cardio workout, TikTok dance, motivational videos, and meditation. Most of her videos are quite long, so that will be the best one for those who enjoy following long workout sessions.

You can also see that there are a number of types of workout on her channels, such as abs, arms, legs, full-body workout, and a lot more. The thing that we really appreciate is that her workouts usually do not require workout equipment which is one of the biggest benefits you can get. With almost 6 million subscribers, she always stays active both on YouTuber and Instagram.


As we have showcased the 10 best fitness YouTube channels in 2023, you will be able to stay yourself and keep being in shape during the pandemic without any concern. All of them come with different kinds of workout methods and vibes.

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