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10 Best Portable Treadmills: Easy for Moving and Storing in a Small Space!

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 5, 2023
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Indeed, running and jogging on a treadmill is one of the choices for indoor cardio exercise to maintain your wellness. However, owning traditional treadmills might consume lots of space in your home since it is 3’ and 7’ long. As a result, there comes the invention of portable treadmills that can be placed upwards or under a sofa or bed.

Typically, the folding treadmills have two transport wheels equipped at the bottom allowing you to easily move and store regardless of their weight. Even though the design is compact and portable, its performance is quite impressive and as good as the non-folding ones. In particular, various models of portable treadmills offer different functions, speed range, and other features. It could be complicated to choose a particular one. So, check out our chart below in order to choose the one that highly suits your purpose of use or workout objective. 

List of Top 10 Best Portable Treadmills in 2023

10. Ober Portable Electric Motorized Treadmills with Incline

folding treadmills

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Having limited space is no longer a problem for owning your own treadmill and exercise at home. This electric motorized treadmill from Ober comes with a foldable design and two transport wheels on the bottom. Hence, it's 49.6"x22"x23.6" folded size allows you to easily store it and move it from place to place. Although the dimension seems portable, the running area is as wide as 43.3"x15.7" and able to withstand up to 240 pounds.

Adding up, people of all ages can run comfortably on this treadmill since the running belt uses a grass-like texture design that brings anti-skid function. Plus, this treadmill lets you choose your desired exercise speed ranging from 0.5-7.5 MPH (0.8-12KM/H) thanks to a 0.75-1.75HP silent motor. Apart from these features, this appliance also offers a clear screen displaying the running distance, running speed, running time, calorie consumption, and heart rate in real-time. 


  • Foldable design with great portable dimension
  • High-quality running area
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to install

Things to Consider:

  • No area for phone or tablet placement.

9. Murtisol 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill with 2.25HP motor 

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This model stands out as it comes with an innovative 2-in-1 mode that lets you meet your different sports needs. In particular, you can do some jogging on this treadmill at a speed of 0.6-2.5miles when you fold or put the armrest down. However, you can reach your fitness goal with your desired running speed from 0.6 to 7.5 miles when you raise the armrest up. With the intention to reduce disturbance though, for home or office use, this treadmill comes with a powerful and ultra-quiet 2.25HP motor.

Surprisingly, the 5-layer non-slip texture running belt provides a spacious running area along with an effective and safe cushion for your knees and muscles. This treadmill not only provides a clear LED display but also a Fitshow lite app to monitor your fitness data. Adding up, you can conveniently adjust the speed with the remote control and place your device in a phone holder for entertainment.


  • Simple yet fashionable design with foldable armrest
  • Powerful and ultra-quiet motor
  • An app for keeping track of your exercising data
  • Safety key for emergency shutdown

Things to Consider:

  • Requires wrench to fold the armrest all the time

8. Caroma Folding Portable Treadmills with 12 Programs & LED Display

Caroma Folding Treadmill for Home

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For the purpose of noise reduction, this treadmill is specifically built up from a durable steel frame. Therefore, you can ensure that you will not disturb others while running as it is steady and keeps low noise. In addition, the powerful 2.5HP motor in the Caroma treadmill is also an essential part that makes it more smooth and ultra-quiet. This compact treadmill offers you two modes as well such as walking mode and running mode.

While you can use it as a jogging machine at a speed of 0.5-2.5MPH, running mode lets you choose the speed between 2.5 and 5 MPH. Other than this, there are 12 preset programs allowing you to easily performance-button operation. Plus, it is suitable for people of all ages and capable of withstanding 220 pounds at its maximum. Significantly, its 4-layer shock-absorbing non-slip structure running belt provides a safer cushioning for your back, joints, knees, ankles, and muscles. 


  • Multi-functional LED display
  • Strong and Quiet 2.5HP Power
  • Great Noise and Shock Reduction System

Things to Consider:

  • The highest running speed is 5MPH only.

7. RHYTHM FUN Portable Walking Treadmill with Wide Tread Belt 

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If you are looking for a portable treadmill consuming as little space as possible, this model from Rhythm Fun might meet your requirement. Its folded dimension only consumes less than 0.05m2 small space of your home or office. Furthermore, its 2.3" thickness and 78lb lightweight let you effortlessly put away after use and store it in a closet, under the bed, or sofa. The 7-level soft running belt is as wide as 18 inches offering a better comfort level, smooth, balance, and stable feeling, and solid design. Adding up, it is suitable for everyone with a weight of 220 pounds.

Surprisingly, you can use this treadmill under desk to exercise while working as well. Besides, this unit also has an AIR shock reduction and noise reduction system made up of a 1.5hp electric motorized DC power motor and silicon structure running board.


  • Space-saving and convenient design
  • Provides large LED display, smart remote, smart workout APP
  • No assembly needed

Things to Consider:

  • No incline
  • Not quite a responsive app

6. FUNMILY 2.25HP Folding Treadmills with Auto Lubrication System

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Differing from another treadmill model, this FUNMILY treadmill supports speeding ranging from 0.5 to 9 MPH allowing you to meet your fitness goals. Moreover, it is capable of supporting 300 pounds at its max due to its high quality and strong running belt. This treadmill features a 7-layer tread belt (48x16.4inch), a shock-absorbing system, a high-strength, high-elastic 7-layer running board, and a non-slip anti-static lawn texture running belt. Apart from these features, you can experience more intense workouts with its 3-5° manual incline.

Equally important, you can rest assured that it causes no damage to the floor as it comes with Soft Drop System. There is an auto lubrication system to refuel, protect the machine, and extend the use time. What is more, this unit provides you multifunctional display with 12 pre-set programs. In order to ensure your safe use, this treadmill equips heart rate sensors on the safety handrail to track your heart rate changes while running.


  • Powerful motor and highest running speed (9MPH)
  • Wide running belt and quiet shock belt
  • Multi-functional design with safety handrail
  • Bluetooth Play Music

Things to Consider:

  • It requires a very huge budget. 

5. UMAY Portable Treadmill with Foldable Wheels

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Looking for a folding treadmill that is ideal for a mild jog or daily softcore exercise at home? This smart treadmill from UMAY has 6-speed options and is capable of reaching 4MPH at its maximum speed. Particularly, different speeds give you choice in exercising as hard as your body and health are capable of. You can slow walk after meal, mild jog to strengthen your immune system, or fast walk to lose some weight.

Thanks to its 1.5HP Pulse Maximum Motor, this treadmill makes less noise ensuring that you do not cause any disturbance. Similar to other models, it comes with a shock absorption design which reduces less damage to your knees or ankles while walking or running. The walking area is 41"×16" wide which gives a comfortable experience and can support up to 90 kg. Significantly, you can use the remote control to change data at any time and stop instantly as an emergency comes up.


  • Space-saving and easy to move around
  • Noise-free
  • Provides remote control and sports app

Things to Consider:

  • Not suitable for running type
  • The walking area is quite narrow.

4. UREVO 2.5HP Portable Compact Treadmill with Wide Tread Belt

compact treadmill

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This UREVO Foldable treadmill provides a wider tread belt than other models for your better running experience. This treadmill comes with a large multi-layer tread belt, and the size of the tread belt is 16.5”x 45.7’’. Within this huge size, you have extra space for comfortable and safer running as well as better footsteps causing you less prone to touching your feet. In addition, this 16.5-inch running belt is anti-slip and provides a safe cushion for your knees.

Aside from this, the machine operates with a 2.5 peak HP motor enabling you to choose your desired speed ranging 1-12 KM/h or 7.5 MPH at its max. You can easily adjust the speed with the wide panel platform and check the distance and calories burned on the LCD display. Equally important, this treadmill ensures stable operation with 260 pounds weight capacity. Plus, the stabilizing design makes sure the machine is not shaking while operating.


  • 16.5 Inch Wider Multi-layer Tread Belt
  • The phone holder is available
  • Features soft drop system

Things to Consider:

  • No incline

3. LINKLIFE Willy 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, No Installation Required

2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

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Searching for a portable treadmill that is suitable for home use yet makes low noise? This Willy 2-in-1 model from LINKLIFE design is especially ideal for the home environment. In order to reduce disturbance while operating, this machine power only makes noise as low volume as the normal conversation. Even though it comes in a compact size, it is big on performance as the power motor ensures your comfortability in running, jogging, and walking.

This treadmill offers you 2 modes which are jogging mode with a speed range of 0.5-4mph and running mode with a speed range of 0.5-6.5mph. Significantly, its multifunctional LCD display might satisfy you as it helps track your speed, calorie, distance, or steps to ensure your effective home workouts. What is more, you can still entertain yourself by watching movies while working out since there is a phone holder near the display. 


  • Highly cost-effective product
  • Spacious, shock-absorbing, and anti-slip tread belt
  • Conveniently fold the armrest to switch mode

Things to Consider:

  • Cannot reach actual running speed.

2. FYC Portable Compact Treadmill for Walking Home Gym Fitness 

Portable Treadmills

Here comes another treadmill designed with a running belt as wide as 16.5”x 40” giving you enough room for any fitness level. Furthermore, this large-area rubber tread belt is non-slip and shock-absorbing enabling you to have a more comfortable workout experience. The design of this treadmill is highly ideal for the home environment including the folding feature and quiet motor. Particularly, you can fold it to keep away after you effortlessly by rotating the two knobs.

The important thing is that it does not require any screws or wrench to install or fold and unfold. Plus, operating with a low noise motor have you rest assured that you work out without causing any disturbance to others. Apart from all these features, this treadmill provides you 12 specially programmed running plans. You can choose the most suitable running plan and track your heart rate changes with its sensor while running.


  • Spacious exercise surface
  • Quiet yet powerful motor operation
  • Simple and space-saver design

Things to Consider:

  • It is quite expensive. 

1. Healthgenie Portable Treadmills with Incline/Fold up Small Space

Portable Treadmills

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What makes this Healthgenie folding treadmill a great choice is that it provides more convenience to users with shortcut keys and auto-folding up. Surprisingly, this model designs additional shortcut keys including Start/ Stop, Speed Up & Down, and Pulse on the handlebars giving users more ease. While you can control your speed easier than touching on the console, the LCD display tracks your calories, speed, and heart rate.

Another impressive feature is that you can fold and unfold this foldable treadmill machine by using a hydraulic/ air spring structure easily. This means you spend less effort in putting it away after use and there are two transportation wheels for rolling around easily as well. Besides, this treadmill operates smoothly and quietly owing to DC brushless motor with 2.0HP max output power. The comfortable and anti-slip running belt is 16" x 44" giving you lots of space for running safely.


  • Shortcut keys and pulse on handrails
  • Auto folding up feature
  • Provides three modes and 12 pre-set programs
  • Phone holders and bottle holders

Things to Consider:

  • Can only reach 7.5MPH at its highest running speed

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Portable Treadmills

Although there are a wide variety of portable treadmills available on the market, you can pick the best one more conveniently if you have your type and some buying guides in mind. Our team at FitnityTreadmill wants to make things easier for you. We believe that the listed buyer's guides below can help you pick your best treadmills based on your workout objective, preferable size, and some desirable features. 

Workout Objective

It is crucial to make sure with yourself that you are going to definitely run on a treadmill or just walk or jog. If you are a hard-core runner, you should consider purchasing the one that comes with a strong power motor and running speed of about 9MPH at its max. In contrast, you should buy a portable treadmill with a lower power motor and running speed if you will only walk on it. It is important to realize that running on a treadmill designed for walking mode will wear it out quickly. 

How to run longer on treadmills? Check out these top 10 best Netflix shows to watch during your running or walking. 

Suitable Size

Indeed, folding treadmills comes in a compact size and space-saving feature. However, there is still a slight difference between their overall dimensions. You should consider the size of your storage or space where you will place it before purchasing one. As an illustration, the thickness or length of the machine might exceed the space under your sofa or bed if you do not measure correctly before buying. 

Handy Additional Features

Apart from its main functions, portable treadmills also have additional features such as 12 built-in workout programs, phone/tablet holder, Bluetooth connecting speaker, and more. What matters is that not every recent model contains all these features. Therefore, you should buy the one with particular additional features if you think they are beneficial and ideal for your use. Another essential feature is the offer of either the remote control or a safety key which allows you to shut it down instantly if an emergency comes up.

Wireless heart rate monitoring 

Not all portable treadmills provide armrests that feature heart rate tracker. This feature is quite essential and beneficial. In particular, being able to accurately track your heart rate possibly helps push you to work out at your fullest capacity. Additionally, it also improves the calculation of your calorie burn and you are able to work out at your ideal heart rate zone.


Obviously, a portable treadmill is a useful exercise machine, especially for in-home use. It is highly suitable for doing cardio exercises like running, jogging, slow walking to lose some weight or maintain your wellness. One of its core advantages is that you can keep track of the distance you have walked or run and it calculates the calories you have burned. Furthermore, you are able to monitor your exercising data by connecting with the smart app.

On the negative side, this folding treadmill might limit your running experience due to its limited features and running belt size. Nevertheless, it is a recommended exercise device to have at home for indoor cardio exercise. In order to purchase a perfect one, you should consider a few criteria such as an overall and storage size, functions, and available quiet technology. 

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