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Best Slam Balls for Crossfit Workout in 2023

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 26, 2023
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Slam balls are very good home and effective gym tools for your workouts without using traditional gym equipment. With the use of it, you can improve your speed, cardio and core strength. You can also challenge yourself to increase your aerobic activity, weight training and other exercise classes which ensure a full body workout.

Moreover, these balls are made with premium materials that ensure long lasting quality and get a comfortable grip during your training. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 10 best slam balls in 2023 that are available.

What is a slam ball?

Slam ball is also an exercise equipment that features different weights. They canbe 8 lbs or up to 30 lbs. It is normally used for crossfit training because it helps to increase the muscle power of the trainers. Some slam Balls can be filled with sands so that they do not bounce. Those that use sand for the filling tends to retain their shape and offers a good weight for training. However, there are some slam balls that use granules, rubber or plastic on the inside.

How to use a slam ball?

Noramlly, people use slam ball for crossfit training. Just as the same suggest, you slam it to the wall or on the floor. Most of them do not bounce, so you need to squat to pick it up and slam it again. Check out the video below to find out different workouts you can do with slam balls or medicine balls.

What weight slam ball should I use?

If you are a newbie to training and only want to increase your cardio fitness, we highly recommend you choose 8 lbs to 20 lbs slam balls. But, for those of you that are looking to increase better strength to your workout, you can increase from 20lbs  to 30 lbs or 40 lbs. Feel free to always increase the weight if you no longer find it exhuasted working out with the old slam balls.

List of Top 10 Best Slam Balls for Crossfit Workout in 2023

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10. Amazon Basics Exercise Slam Ball

10 lb slam ball

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Let’s introduce our first slam ball on this list which is from AmazonBasics. This item is made from sand-filled with a durable PVC exterior and thick shell that prevent blowouts when slammed against the ground. The surface is built with a smooth texture that creates a very comfortable grip when you lift it and can be cleaned easily by just a wipe with damp cloth.

This 10-pound slam ball is designed for throwing, slamming and especially throwing. It is great for cross fit exercises which includes a popular Russian twist that you can either use solo or with a buddy. Finally, it has a dimension of 9 x 9 inches and comes with a 1-year warranty so you can use it worry-free.

What We Like:

  • Great materials that prevent blowouts.
  • Smooth texture surface for easy and comfortable grip.
  • Easy to clean.

9. Champion Sports Slam Ball

throw slam balls

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Second on this list will be a Rhino Promax slam ball from Champion Sports. With the use of Rhino skin leather shell, you are able to experience a comfortable and controlled non-slip grip which makes it controllable even when you are sweaty. It is ergonomically designed to fit and make it easy to throw, catch and slam. The slam ball is built for significant wear-and-tear and extreme surface contact that make it very durable against every slam, throws or any maneuvers.

Slam balls can be used in various training such as aerobic activity, weight training or exercise classes to ensure a full body workout. It is the best and effective workout without using traditional gym equipment. Finally, this slamming ball comes in many different weights and colors so you can change your workout routine continually.

What We Like:

  • Leather shell that offers comfortable and non-slip grip.
  • Bounces more than a typical fitness ball and is very durable.
  • Variety choices of colors and weights.

8. Prosource Fit Slam Medicine Ball

Dead Weight Balls for Crossfit

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Next on this list is another great slamming ball from Prosource Fit. It is a durable slam ball that is made with a supple rubber shell which absorbs the impact and holds up through the toughest workout, so you can slam your way to a more fit body. The robust tire tread surface gives you a sturdy grip during your intense workout and prevents it from falling off your hand, so you can workout comfortably.

This ball is designed with a dead weight design in which you can slam the ball strongly without it bouncing back or rolling so you have better control and for safety. You can use this slam ball for throw or squats and press which could help to improve your core strength and endurance effectively. Finally, it is a multipurpose slam ball and it is available in various weights.

What We Like:

  • Durable slamming ball that is made with a great rubber shell.
  • Great surface that gives sturdy and non-slip grip.
  • Dead weight design for no bouncing.
  • Multipurpose.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There is no choice for color except the black ball.

7. Yes4All Slam Ball

Medicine ball

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There are many great slamming balls and here is another one from Yes4All. This product is made with specially formulated resilient soft shell which is rationally molded for a seamless construction that adds more durability and prevents splitting over during time of use. The inside is filled with sand to prevent the ball from bouncing or rolling as well as enhance the balance and firmness of the ball.

Moreover, it features a grooved and textured polyvinyl chloride shell to help get a firm grip and make it non-slip even when you are sweating. It is great to help increase your muscle mass, rev up heart rate, burn more calories and boost overall balance, coordination between hands and eyes. Finally, it is ideal for almost every workout exercise and it is available with 4 different colors to choose from.

What We Like:

  • Specially designed with a resilient soft shell for durability.
  • Easy to grip surface.
  • Filled with sand to prevent bouncing or rolling.
  • Boost your aerobic capacity.

6. David Kirsch WellnessCo Medicine Ball

Wall Ball for Slamming

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Halfway through this list, there will be a medicine ball from David Kirsch Wellness Co. This medicine ball is designed with heavy duty rubber to ensure that it can last through all kinds of workouts without worry that the ball might split or fall apart. Moreover, it is designed with special non-slip grip plastic that allows you to hold the ball comfortably and get a grip on the ball firmly with your sweaty hands.

This 8-pound ball is a good weight for all skill levels, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Finally, the ball is made with high quality plastic, which is resistant to rips and tears, so you can use it for a very long time.

What We Like:

  • Heavy duty rubber with specially designed plastic.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Tear and rip resistance.
  • What we do not like:
  • No different weights to choose.

5. BalanceFrom Workout Slam Ball

Exercise Fitness Weighted Medicine Ball

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Check out this amazing slam ball from BalanceFrom. The ball is made with a rugged and textured surface that allows you to hold the ball firmly and easily. It is thick and has an ultra-durable rubber shell that absorbs impact against throwing or slamming, making it very durable.

There are many weights to choose from if you want a challenging workout. Finally, you can use this slam ball to increase your muscle density, aerobic capacity, enhance mental clarity and improve heart health.

What We Like:

  • Texture surface for secure and easy grip.
  • Durable rubber shell.
  • Beneficial to your health and ideal for various workouts.

4. Titan Fitness Slam Ball

Rubber Tread Slam Balls

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Check out this great slam ball from Titan Fitness that is great for all athletes even if you are a pro or a beginner. It is perfect for overhead lunges, push-up, squat or Russian twists which are all good for muscle toner and improve strength. Slam ball is a great home gym tool and can be used for a full body workout from head to toe.

With the use of a rubber exterior shell and tread pattern of the ball, making sure that you will have a steady grip and prevent slippery when you are sweaty. You will also find the logo of the product with the weight indication in white printed which is easier to recognize. Finally, this fitness slam ball is available in many sizes so you can choose the size you want conveniently.

What We Like:

  • Rubberized exterior shell for easy and non-slip grip.
  • Useful home gym tool and great for everyone.
  • Full body workout.

3. Prosource Fit Soft Medicine Ball

Color-Coded Weights

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Here is another soft medicine ball and slam ball from Prosource Fit. It is a great gym tool for functional exercise such as cross training workout, agility training, core exercises and strength fitness. It is made with a soft PU leather exterior with padded interior that is very soft, making it very easy for users to catch and grip comfortably.

This PU leather is very durable, water resistant and scuff re-distant which is for long lasting making it a perfect home gym tool. The cushion design of this ball allows it to absorb impact during strength and power exercise and with the combination of heavy duty double stitched seams. Finally, this ball is in a very good size with 14” diameter, making it very easy to hold and toss against the wall.

What We Like:

  • Made with durable PU leather and padded interior that is very durable, water resistace and soft to touch.
  • Design to absorb impact.
  • Consistent size.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This slam ball does not have a size range to choose like other slam balls.

2. ZIVA Soft Slam Ball

Bouncing Weights

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We’re almost there. Ziva also produces one of the best soft slam balls for home workout. This industrial-grade Chic Wall Ball is great as it is equipped with durable commercial-grade vinyl with great stitching that is built to last through intense workout. With the padded construction, making it great for high-speed training.

The commercial vinyl material allows you to have a grip on the ball securely. You can challenge yourself and fitness goals for improving strength or speed, as this ball is designed for resiliency. Finally, this product is available in a variety of sizes which can meet all of your fitness levels.

What We Like:

  • Commercial-grade vinyl and stitching for durability.
  • Multiple sizes for all fitness levels.
  • Design for resiliency.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There are only 2 colors for choosing even with multiple weights available.

1. Outroad Outdoor Camping Garden Patio Slam Ball

Fitness Gym Equipment for Strength

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Last on this list will be a slamming ball from Outroad Outdoor Camping Garden Patio. The materials used to make this slam ball are strong outer shell and ore sand-filled core to prevent the ball from bouncing or rolling, ensuring that it cannot be split over the time of use. In addition, the surface is made with a textured shell that provides a secure grip between the ball and palm, help you with a firm grip even with your sweaty hands.

You can use this slam to engage in a high intensity workout that will help build strength and cardio. It is the best tool for a full body workout and exercises your core muscles, arm’s strength in coordination with upper back, knees and shoulders. Finally, there are various sizes and weights available so you can choose the right ball that meets your challenge.

What We Like:

  • Strong and durable slam ball.
  • Sand-filled core to prevent bouncing or rolling.
  • Textured shell for easy grip.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The weights of the slam ball are limited.

Buying Guides To Choosing The Right Slam Ball

Now let’s look at this buyer’s guide which is specially included to help you with choosing the best slam ball for your home workout.


Firstly, the color option with the slam ball. As we know, colors can have a big influence on so many things whether with mood or motivations. Not all of the balls have the color choice for choosing, so if color can have a big influence on you, be sure to check out the slam ball with the option for color.

Bounce or No Bounce?

As you can see, some of the balls come with good materials to ensure a comfortable workout for you. Surely, we all have different preferences regarding our workout style. Some people enjoy the bounce ball and some do not. There are some products that use sand to prevent bouncing and some that do not. If you find out that you enjoy bouncing the ball, check out those with non-sand-filled interior.

Weight Choice

As a person who loves to workout, you will surely want to challenge yourself and take it to the next level, whether you are a pro or a beginner. If you are not looking for any complicated workout tools and can train with anything, then you can skip this part. But if you want to purchase various weights, do not forget to check the size range of it.


In conclusion, you have read about the 10 best slam balls in 2023. These balls are the products of high quality materials and great shells both interior and exterior, to ensure that you can train conveniently and it will last for a long time. They are a great home gym tool to train at your house. If you have any troubles finding the best slam ball for you, please refer to the buyer’s guide above.

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