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Best Sport Shorts for Women You can Check out This Summer 2023

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 29, 2023
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Raise your hands if you like wearing sport shorts for women to accompany your everyday workout. We cannot deny that the shorts actually offer ultimate comfort and flexibility for your exercise because they are designed specifically for sports. All of us often swap from women's leggings to shorts when the summer hits. If that is the case, you have come to the right place. Here, we have picked the top 10 best workout shorts that would definitely comfort all women.

List of Top 10 Best Sport Shorts for Women in 2023

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10. BMJL Elastic High Waist Women's Running Shorts

workout shorts for women

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With a built-in stretchy inner liner, high waist design, and wide legs, you might probably stick around with the comfort all day long. The attached underneath fabric offers better support and helps to keep away the sweat. Besides, the overall breathable fabric allows the air to ventilate so that you will not feel suffocated while exercising. Within the high waist design, there is also an elastic band to make sure you have an easier time putting the shorts on and taking them off.

There are tulip cut designs on both sides of the legs which appear in style and fashion. It also helps to prevent tightness so that you'll be flexible running, lifting your legs during the session. Interestingly, this fashionable sports shorts for women comes with zipper pockets that are deep for your to store your belonging securely. Not only is it comfy to wear, washing them is pretty simple as you can throw them into a washing machine.

Why we recommend this:

  • Inner supportive & stretchy underwear
  • Sweat-wicking & breathable fabric
  • wide legs with tulip cut design
  • high waist with super elastic bands built-in
  • 2 deep pockets with zippers
  • Compatible with machine washer
  • Quick-dry technology

What to consider:

  • The shorts can seem a bit baggy

9. Liberty Imports Pack of 5 Sport Shorts for Women

multi-color sport shorts for women

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Now, these sport shorts for women from the Liberty Imports brand offers 5 packs within a set. You'll get 5 different colors for 5 different workout days. Thus, they are best for those who do not want to look further for their shopping. Made out of polyester and spandex fabric, they are durable and elastic at the same time. It comes in a low waist they will sit under your belly button. But the elastic waistband will allow you to raise it even above that.

The shorts come with an angled side seam design to make your hips and but appear beautifully when you put them on. It is not too short nor too long either. It measures a little bit above your knee which means you can be flexible and feel cold for your lower body.

Why we recommend this:

  • comes in 5 packs of sport shorts
  • side angled seam & pockets with zipper
  • wider legs & elastic waistband
  • 5-inch inner seam

What to consider:

  • The pockets are a bit shallow
  • It is not a high waist

8. THE GYM PEOPLE High Waist Yoga Shorts for Women's

short yoga pants for women

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Now, if you are still a fan of sports leggings, you can check this out. The Gym People short yoga leggings are what you are looking for if you still like leggings but prefer them short. It comes with an elastic closure and a wider waistband that provides ultimate support for your belly. Meanwhile, your excessive belly will be suppressed to slim down, yet it does not make you feel uncomfortable either. This yoga legging comes with 2 deep pockets on both sides allowing you to store your phone, headphones, and other accessories. It has a quick-dry and sweat-wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable all day.

Why we recommend this:

  • Can be used for yoga or running
  • double-sided pockets
  • Belly support design with a wider band
  • Quick-dry & sweat-wicking
  • Many colors to choose from

What to consider:

  • Requires handwash only

7. CRZ YOGA Quick-Dry Athletic Sport Shorts for Women

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It's not a surprise that these shorts have become one of the best sports shorts for women in 2023. The pants carry out everything you need to stay active. First off, it has an athletic design that includes an elastic waist, quick-dry, and sweat-wicking design to keep you comfortable. Since both inner and outer fabric is very stretchy, it is perfect for running or cardio exercises. Apart from the premium fabric quality, the wide legs yet the protective design allows the air to ventilate while keeping your ultimate privacy.

The waistband does not come with an elastic band, but it has a wider band that looks like yoga pants. This way, your tummy is well support during the action. It also has a hidden pocket around the waist and back pocket on the waistband that let you store your belonging.

Why we recommend this:

  • Very flexible, quick-dry, and stay cool
  • Double layer for support and protection
  • Hidden pockets for storing belonging
  • Wider waistband for tummy control
  • Big legs for ultimate air ventilation & flexibility
  • Available in many colors

What to consider:

  • It is a drawstring closure only
  • The length is just 4 inches which can be a bit too short

6. SEASUM Women Workout Shorts

workout short women

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Looking for a pair of shorts that makes your bottom pop? Look no further than these sport shorts for women from SEASUM. Besides the fact that it has very affordable pricing, it is pretty much comfortable to put on. With a trendy honeycomb texture, it looks unique and offers a non-see-through appearance when you wear it.

Made out of smooth and ultra-soft fabric, the pants offer very little weight but keep you comfortable. With its bottom contouring design, it gives your bottom a streamlined look - best for a bodybuild workout or cardio. SEASUM attains anti-Cellulite & Tummy Control and that's why you see it has a high waist and a wide waistband. Overall, you'll feel a secure fit while working out.

Why we recommend this:

  • Trendy honeycomb texture
  • bottom contouring with a streamlined look
  • anti-cellulite & tummy control design
  • Compatible with a machine wash

What to consider:

  • It is not water-resistant & sweat-wicking

5. BALEAF Womens 5 Inches Knit Waistband Running Shorts with Liner

women running shorts

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Meet your new go-to running shorts for women from BALEAF. Its stretchiness and sweat-repelling are what represent sports. On top of that, it has a high raise to above the belly button making it very supportive for your lower belly. It has a knitted waistband and a woven lower part with polyester and spandex. The pants have an elastic closure because the waistband is so stretchy.

Whilst you can see the quality of the exterior fabric, the inner fabric is very soft and comfortable as it is made out of polyester and spandex as well. At the back of the waist, it has a pocket with a zipper that functions just like a running belt. This way, you pay for 1, but actually, get 2.

Why we recommend this:

  • sweat-repelling & quick-dry
  • High rise waist with a pocket and zipper
  • Dual-layer pants
  • Has the side pockets for storage
  • Available in 7 colors

What to consider:

  • The side pockets seems shallow

4. Under Armour Women's HeatGear Armour Shorty Shorts

under armor sport shorts for women

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These sports pants from Under Armour is perfect for many sports activities including exercising, running, swimming, etc. It is made out of polyester and elastane which make it become very stretchy. The level of breathability is no mess because you can keep cool and feel very comfy wearing them. it is a low rise, but there is a stylish design of logo waistband. Its elastic closure making it convenient for both putting on and taking off. Thanks to its Locked-in UA Compression fit, you'll feel very supportive while wearing them for your workout. Another good point of this pants is that it is sweat & water-resistant.

Also, there are a few cons to this pair of sport shorts as well. it has no pockets which offer no room for storing. Although it is super light, it can be too tight around your thighs. The low rise does not offer a compression fit to your upper belly at all.

Why we recommend this:

  • Pants that are best for various activities including swimming, running, or just exercise
  • low rise with stylish logo design
  • elastic closure for ease of wearing
  • locked-in UA compression fit for the lower body
  • sweat-wicking, quick-dry, and water-resistant

What to consider:

  • no pockets
  • a bit too tight around things
  • no support for the upper belly.

3. The Soothfeel Women’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts

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Best for running, this pair of women's sports shorts from The Soothfeel brings the best out of you. You can wear this for morning running. or trail running. These dual-layer sports pants are designed with a stretchy inner lining and a breathable upper layer to support runnings. The sweat-wicking technology keeps you cool and comfortable. Together with its quick-dry feature, you feel no moisture at all.

The wider and elastic closure waistband supports your lower belly and slim down your belly pouch. At the back of the waistband, there are also zipper pockets that you can use for storing your key or phone. This way, you can go bare hands while running.

Why we recommend this:

  • Designed specifically for running & trail running
  • lower belly support with a wide waistband
  • Dual-layer fabric - stretchy & breathable
  • zipper pocket at the back of the waist
  • moisture-resistant & quick dry - best for outdoor
  • elastic closure makes it quick for putting on and taking off

What to consider:

  • Size chart is not accurated

2. URATOT 5 Pack Women's Cotton Yoga Dance Short Pants

shorts for women

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This set of 5 packs of sport shorts for women from URATOT is actually for every wear - running, workout, lounging, and just simple wearing for on-the-go. The pack comes in 5 different colors, and you'll get black, grey, white, black grey, and pick. It is not dual-layer pants, but it's one thick layer is enough to prevent see-through. It is very stretchy and its elastic closure makes it convenient for quick changing. The fabric is ultimately breathable and soft to the touch because it contains most of the cotton. Coupled with a sweat-wicking, it keeps cold and comfy all the time.

Why we recommend this:

  • perfect for daily wear, exercise, and home lounging
  • a pack of 5 pants with different colors
  • breathable, soft, and comfy
  • non-see-through fabric
  • Very affordable price & many other colors to choose from

What to consider:

  • no pocket
  • can be too short for some users

1. Paitluc Sport Shorts for Women 

black sport shorts for women

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Coming off the list, these shorts from Paitluc is perfect for both sports and daily wear. The pants are perfect for anyone looking for the most comfort and breathability as well as look. It comes with an elastic waistband and also a drawstring for a tighter closure - if you prefer. The roll-over legs add additional style to its simplicity. Both side pockets are also wide and deep, excellent at keeping your belonging safe and in place. They look very durable, but they are very lightweight and quick-dry. Thus, wearing them and washing them is very comfortable. Since it is not limited to black color, you've got other 8 colors to choose from.

Why we recommend this:

  • Robust, soft, and comfy to wear
  • Simple yet stylish
  • comes with both elastic waist and drawstring for extra secure
  • very breathable
  • Deep & wide pockets
  • Best for sports & daily wear

What to consider:

  • It is not moisture-resistant

Buying Guides to Choosing the Most Suitable Sports Shorts for Women

Sports apparel is supposed to be something that can make you feel light and comfortable so that you can perform your activities longer and more enjoyable. Therefore, choosing the most suitable sports shorts for yourself may require you to consider a few factors.


Like choosing other clothes, first of all, you need the correct size to be able to fit in. Always check the size chart and measurement beforehand. Another tip is to check the reviews from previous buyers to see whether or not the size chart provided is accurate. This will allow you to design if you should go with your current size, size up, or size down for a perfect fit.

Fabric Quality

Fabric quality contributes a lot to your workout performance. If the fabric is too stuffy, you wouldn't be able to work out comfortably. Soft, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabric should be the key factors to consider when you check out the fabric quality. It is better to go for 80% polyester and 20% elastane or spandex. Some shorts might come with dual-layer that are soft and very supportive.

Additional Features

Always look for additional features to get the most benefits out of your purchasing. Like the sports shorts, you might want to also look for pockets, hidden pockets, drawstring closure, styles of pants, and more. You may also want to know if it has a quick-dry technology or more color to choose from or not. Maybe, you might want to buy in bulk instead of a single piece.

Moisture Resistance

Lastly, the thing that keeps you comfortable all day is the moisture resistance feature. Of course, when we work out, we'll sweat. and that's why we need moisture resistance features. With this, it will kick away sweat and keep you cold and comfy. Plus, the feature would make it possible for outdoor running too.


However truth be told, at FitnityTreadmill, we want to recommend the best out of the best for you. Whether or not you would choose any of these shorts from our list, we are confident that you are going to love what you purchase and will not regret it later. Happy shopping for your favorite sport shorts for women of 2023.

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