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Best Stretch Shorts for Women in 2023

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 29, 2023
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When it comes to workout, sportswear is one the most important things to consider about. As we know, if the outfit is too tight for you or too loose, your body will not feel pleasure and is unlikely to let you do your exercise comfortably. Moreover, if the cloth is low-quality, then you have to spend money on a massive scale to get a new one. Among that sportswear, we are going to outline some features of high-quality stretch shorts from different companies. If you are searching for one, this article is made for you. There are the top 10 best stretch shorts for women and we are going to review them.

List of Top 10 Best Stretch Shorts for Women

10. Always Yoga Stretch Shorts

Always yoga shorts

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This shorts’ brand is the best-selling product among women’s sports workout shorts. There are a lot of attractive color options for you to choose from as well as size. The mixture of polyester and spandex has created a super soft, comfortable, and stretchy short legging. Putting these shorts on will provide delight throughout the day. Furthermore, the elastic waistband is able to control your belly and boost your look. Generally speaking, it makes you look sporty and adorable. Moreover, you can wear these shorts under your skirt or dress. Even though it is lightweight, it is not transparent.

What We Like:

  • Soft, comfy, and stretchy
  • Elastic waistband
  • Boost you look
  • Non-transparency

What We Don’t Like:

  • No pockets

9. Baleaf Yoga Stretch Shorts

Baleaf Yoga Shorts

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If you love high-waisted shorts, Baleaf’s yoga shorts might be ideal for you. With these short pants, you will get a hidden drawstring for you to adjust your waist. In addition, there is a hidden waist pocket as well. Not only that pocket but there is also a front pocket as well. For the waist pocket, it is easy for you to keep your card or small stuff. We do not recommend keeping many things there since you will not feel comfy. Moreover, the fabric is absolutely soft and the texture is so attractive. Furthermore, the high waistband can keep your belly under control and make you look fit.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable
  • Pockets are included
  • Comfortable
  • Boost your look

8. Lee Stretch Shorts

Lee Shorts

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Lee shorts is a button closure type of shorts. If we talk about cargo shorts, you might worry whether it is too tight. With lee’s shorts, it lets your thigh move freely. However, it is not too loose. You can also wear it as a freestyle and it looks amazing. Additionally, there are pockets, as a result, you can keep your accessories or stuff while you are on a walk. In this case, you do not have to carry a bag around. The pants are flexible and durable. You will not be disappointed with this type of cargo shorts.

What We Like:

  • Multifunctional
  • Pockets are provided
  • Flexible and durable

7. Opuntia Yoga Stretch Shorts

Opuntia Yoga Shorts

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This is another high waist pair of shorts for you. Opuntia’s shorts are made of spandex and polyester. The quality is extremely top grade. You will experience one of the best shorts with Opuntia. Its high waist can make you look fit since it keeps your tummy under control. In addition, the fabric is super soft and allows you to move freely with confidence. While doing your exercise, these yoga shorts will reduce your muscle vibrate. Also, it is non-transparency and quick to dry as well. Doing your exercises comfortably with opuntia shorts.

What We Like:

  • High waist
  • Boost your look
  • Comfy
  • Quick to dry

What We Don’t Like:

  • No pockets

6. Hanes Stretch Shorts

Hanes Shorts

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Hanes provides 2 color options for their shorts for you to choose from. They are grey and black. The fabric is a bit heavy to prevent transparency but it will not make you uncomfy. The pants are super soft and help you move freely with high comfortability. Moreover, it can make you look sporty and sexy. Generally speaking, it boosts your look as well as confidence. Put on the Hanes’ shorts and do exercise to stay happy and healthy. You can also wash these shorts both with your hands and a washing machine.

What We Like:

  • Non-transparency
  • Comfortable
  • Boost your look

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only a few color options
  • No pockets

5. Unionbay Stretch Shorts

Unionbay Short

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This is another button closure type of shorts. There are many options for color and size so you have a chance to pick the right one for you. It looks super amazing, therefore, you can wear it as a freestyle to a party or a gathering. The leg is not too tight for you. It allows you to feel at ease and move freely. There are also 2 front pockets so it helps you hold your accessories. Feeling pleasure everywhere you go with Unionbay’s pants.

What We Like:

  • many color and size options
  • stylish
  • pleasurable

4. Just My Size Stretch Shorts

Just My Size Shorts

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This brand’s shorts are made of spandex and cotton. It is super stretchy, durable, and elastic. Moreover, it has never forgotten to provide comfortability to the user. In addition, it is soft and does not harm your skin. It is ideal for all women athletes since they require comfy outfits as well as making them look good.

What We Like:

  • stretchy and flexible
  • comfy and soft

What We Don’t Like:

  • no pockets

3. Stelle Yoga Stretch Shorts

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Stelle’s shorts will change your workout life. Its fabric is so comfy with its softness. Moreover, even with a heavy workout, you will not get annoyed by your sweat since these shorts are quick to dry. It is also non-transparency so you do not have to worry about the underwear line. There are front pockets for you too. In addition, the waistband is smooth, in this case, it does not harm your waist. There is a drawstring for you to adjust your shorts to the size that comforts you the most. It is high-recommended for athletes.

What We Like:

  • comfortable
  • drawstring and pockets are included
  • adjustable

2. Qggqdd Stretch Shorts

Qggqdd Shorts

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Putting on this brand’s shorts, you will feel like it is your second skin. Same as other products, it comes along with softness, durability, as well as elasticity. The wide waistband allows you to feel pleasure while doing your exercises. Moreover, it boosts your look by making you look slim without feeling tense. Having confidence and letting Qggqdd’s shorts help you achieve your workout goals.

What We Like:

  • lightweight and soft
  • wide waistband
  • comfy

1. Uue Yoga Stretch Shorts

Uue Yoga Shorts

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Uue supports the athletes by inventing these amazing shorts. It provides breathability and wicks away moisture. As a result, you will not feel uncomfy by the sweat. It also comes with 2 front pockets. You can keep your phone in your pocket and listen to music while going for a run or workout as well. Its high waist can make you look fit by controlling your belly without feeling tight. The shorts are suitable for all types of workouts and allow you to feel at ease.

What We Like:

  • breathable
  • wick away moisture
  • come with pockets

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Stretch Shorts for Women

Stretch shorts are really good pieces of sportswear because the thing keeps your body comfortable for the whole day. However, choosing one would be really challenging because there are a number of different types of products available on the market. That is the reason why we would really like to show you some buying guides so that you would be able to choose the perfect one for yourself.


Size is one of the most important factors of all because if you choose the wrong one, you would not be able to wear it at all. That is why we recommend looking at the size of the clothes you are buying first. First, it is a good thing if you know what the size of your lower body is. Make sure that the size you choose will never make you feel too tight or too loose while doing an intense workout.


Normally, you will sweat a lot while you are working out, and your body will be really hot too. So, looking for a kind of stretch shorts that lets that air goes through is what you might want to do. You can try looking for something that is made out of cotton or polyester because these things allow the air to get through really well. With enough breathability, you will be able to do your exercise with comfort.


When you are in a workout session, you will definitely need to do various kinds of exercise which will require you to flex every part of your body. That means you also need to find something that has no limitation when it comes to stretching. In this case, we would really like to recommend a kind of product that has spandex as a used material because it can expand its size up to 400 times.

Water Resistance

This is also a must-have feature as well because it can save you from water in any situation. It can prevent your stretch shorts from getting wet when you are sweating by just wicking the sweat away. Moreover, if it happens to rain while you are running outdoors, this one will be really beneficial. With water resistance, your stretch shorts will also be safe from any kind of spilling as well which definitely is a big benefit. If you are able to find something that is waterproof, that would be even better.


Have you found yourself struggling to store some of your necessities when you are about to go to the gym? Well, the best solution for that is to find the kind of shorts that comes with a pocket so that you will be able to store your phone and your credit card. It will be nicer if the shorts come with more than one pocket so that you can bring more things with you while you are heading to the gym.


Last but definitely not least, we suggest that you guys seek something that provides adjustability. By that, we refer to a kind of stretch shorts that come with a drawstring so that you can set the perfect size for your waist. This will ensure that you will be able to do exercise anytime even if your belly is flat or bloated. Moreover, we would like to recommend the one that has a drawstring on the inside because it would make the outside look clean. Also, you do not need to deal with drawstring flying around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stretch shorts better than normal shorts for workouts?

Of course, stretch shorts are totally better than normal shorts when it comes to doing workouts. That is because this kind of shorts does not limit or restrict you from moving and stretching all parts of your body. Instead, you will be able to move freely while doing exercise without tearing your shorts. Speaking about exercise, you will be able to wear this to do any kind of exercise, such as running, walking, cardio exercise, and strength exercise.

Can the stretch shorts be worn outside the gym?

Yes, you can wear stretch shorts in any place you want to as long as it makes you feel great and comfortable. You can use your stretch shorts as a casual clothing style as well which is also a nice thing to try out. Moreover, sportswear is now a very popular clothing trend as well. Workout hoodies for women would look great with stretch shorts. Check out now.


To sum up, all of these shorts are high-quality and guaranteed to be extremely comfortable. Even though each of them comes with different special features, they still have durability, flexibility, and elasticity in common. As a result, it will be useful for your workout and boost your performance as well. You will be served well with one of them. We hope that this article helps you to get what you want and allows you to work out comfortably. Start doing exercises from today on, get healthy in the future and achieve more goals.

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