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Top 10 Best Treadmill Mats in 2023 & Ultimate Buying Guides

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 18, 2023
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If you have or plan to have a treadmill at home, it's an ideal to get a treadmill mat along. The treadmill mat helps prevent the treadmill to scratch your floor, reduce the vibration and pressure on the floor, keep treadmill stable while running or jogging on, and prevent excessive dust underneath.

The price of the treadmill mats vary depending on quality and size. And you need to pay more attention on the size to ensure that it fits well with your type of treadmills when are purchasing one. Our team has also put up the list for you to go through below. You can have a look!

List of Top 10 Best Treadmill Mats in 2023

10. Xeroy Exercise Treadmill Mat

mat for treadmill

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In case you are looking for a not so thick, yet very shock absorption mat for your foldable treadmills, you can rely on this. Not only does it come with a very affordable price, but the quality is what you cannot resist. This exercise mat serves a better job as a noise reduction for your running pad.

At the same time, it offers the best products for your floor. That is to say, it is compatible with various floor types, be it floor, wood, carpet, and more. More importantly, it is also water-resistant which means users feel free to put their water bottles on. 


  • Overall dimension of 4.3’’ x 2’’
  • Thickness of 6 mm or 0.2 inch
  • Total Weight of 2.54 lbs
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not catch either odor or stains
  • Made of the eco-friendly PVC

9. YOGU Thin & Heavy Duty Treadmill Mat

treadmill mats

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Measuring up to 70”x 31” in size, this is both a treadmill mat or a normal no-equipment workout mat. Although it is limited to only black color, it actually looks pretty professional and sleek with a large black & white ‘’YOGU’’ on top of the surface. The thickness of this mat is roughly 0.5 inches; however, it is capable of protecting your tile, wooden floor, carpet flooring, and more.

No more worries about feeling buffering while running. This treadmill mat totally stays in place while making you feel comfortable running and protecting your floor. 


  • Overall dimensions of 70’’ x 31’’ 
  • Thickness of 12.7 mm or 0.5 inch
  • Lightweight 
  • Works perfectly with various workout equipment 
  • Product of high-density PVC 
  • High-impact resistance 
  • Easy to clean
  • Noise-reduction & good grip on the floor.

8. egymcom Eco-Friendly Treadmill Mat

floor protection mat

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Coming in 2 different sizes, you have the freedom to choose between a small and large to fit any types of treadmills you have. This simply makes it compatible with both folding treadmills, home running pads, or large commercial treadmills at the gym. The mat is not only designed for treadmills, but you can also place it under elliptical bikes, or use it as a yoga mat.

Since the mat is eco-friendly, fear-free regarding the danger to your skin and health. Egymcom treadmill mat is also waterproof which is perfect for HIIT workout. Once you are done exercising, simply take care of it with a damp cloth. 


  • Overall dimensions of 78.7’’ x 35.4’’ for size Large
  • Thickness of 3mm or 0.15 inch
  • Total weight of 0.8 lbs
  • Available in 2 sizes: Large & Small
  • Very stable & durable 
  • Ease of cleaning 
  • Sound-proof & Waterproof 
  • Best pattern design to keep the machine in place

7. Square36 Large Fitness Equipment Mat

workout mat

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In case you are searching for a very large mat to place beneath a lot of fitness equipment, we see no better fit rather than this mat from Square 36. Measuring about 10 Ft x 6 Ft in size, users can use it for up to 3 or 4 elliptical bikes or 2 treadmills or a pair of weight benches. This makes it a perfect item that you should have for your home gym. It comes with a storage bag, so there is definitely no mess when you no longer use it. 

This one is quite thicker than previously reviewed mats because its thickness is up to 7 mm. Because there is a durable vinyl coating on top, it will not tear even when the equipment is sliding on the mat surface. Better yet, it even gives higher protection to different types of your home flooring. 


  • Overall dimension of 10 ft x 6 ft
  • Thickness of 7 mm or 0.27 inches
  • Total weight of 38 lbs 
  • Better for home gym
  • Easy to store; come included with a storage bag
  • Toxic-free materials 
  • Holds heavy workout equipment and best for strong cardio or HIIT Workouts

6. Marcy Interlocking Waterproof Tiles Flooring Mat

interlocking tile for treadmill

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Considering the price and quality, Marcy Interlocking Flooring Mat for Exercise Equipment is a budget-friendly item. It comes with 6 pieces per set and you can assemble them together with its interlocking edge design. Mostly, if you plan to place it under your treadmill, it might need up to 6 pieces formed together. However, if it is for an elliptical bike, you might only need about 4 blocks. 

The mat has a non-slip base which makes sure to keep the balance of the entire machine when you perform on it. In addition, its waterproof interior allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. When you put all of these pieces together, you can form an exercise area of 24 sq. ft which is perfect for a home gym. 


  • Overall dimension of  26 x 26 x 3 inches
  • Thickness of 7.6 cm or 3 inches 
  • Total weight of 3 lbs
  • Comes in 6 pieces per set
  • Interlocking edge design for ease of assemble 
  • Waterproof surface; perfect for both indoor and outdoor

5. Synergee Exercise Equipment & Treadmill Mats

exercise mat

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Although this exercise equipment mat is not 6 mm thick, its non-slip textured base is what impressive to your purchase. You sure feel like running in one place because the mat helps to keep the balance of your running while keeping the machine in place. Likewise, while you are riding a stationary bike, it offers a steady effect so that you will not feel like moving. No worries even if you sweat real hard. 

The mat’s surface is highly waterproof and only requires a quick wet wipe to keep clean. Because it nicely grips to the floor, you will not trip on the edge of the mat anymore. Since it is available in different sizes, you should measure the size of your treadmill in advance and pick the one that matches well. Remember that a good mat should spare a few inches on the sizes and leave some space to catch up the dirt and dust falling at the end of the running belt. 


  • Overall dimensions of 84 x 36 inches 
  • Thickness of 3 mm or 0.11 inches 
  • Total weight of 4.4 lbs 
  • Made of PVC materials 
  • Waterproof & good floor gripping 
  • High density 
  • Does not leave prints when you remove the fitness equipment out 
  • Available in 3 different sizes to choose

4. AmazonBasics Folding Puzzle Exercise Gym Mat

treadmill mats

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This AmazonBasics Mat is made for foldable and best suitable for the folding treadmill. However, the design and its thickness is great for all purposes. With the dimension of 72.1 x 24 inches, the size is able to accommodate most treadmills, elliptical bikes, or weight benches. It is about 5 mm thick, so you can even use it for high-impact workouts or yoga.

This will not make your wrists or knees hurt because it is highly constructed with a full cushion. Furthermore, this space-saving mat has a folding design that allows the user to fold, pack, and store it neatly. AmazonBasics also offers a 1-year warranty to all buyers that purchase this mat now as well. 


  • Overall dimension of 72.1 x 24 x 0.2 inches 
  • Thickness of 5 mm or 0.2 inch
  • Total weight of 4.4 pounds 
  • Foldable design 
  • Waterproof & easy to keep clean
  • 1-year warranty offer
  • Best for machine and HIIT workout

3. RevTime Treadmill Mats

heavy duty rubber mat

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If you are not a fan of black, this RevTime Treadmill Mat is perfect. Coming with a blending color design of black and blue, it does not only go well with most workout machines but also for the home background. Although it has a color design, maintenance is at ease and the surface is also highly waterproof. Thereby, feel free to sweat on the mat. Then, simply get a piece of cloth and wet wipe clean it. 

RevTime Treadmill Mat is large enough that even when you put your treadmill on, it still offers extra space at the sides, front, and back. This way, it catches all the dirt and dust falling off from the running belt for easy cleaning. Most importantly, you can enjoy running at high speed on your running pad and still make sure the machine does not move a bit. 


  • Overall dimension of 6.5 x 3 inches 
  • Thickness of 3 mm - 5 mm or 0.11 - 0.19 inches 
  • Total weight of 13.5 lbs 
  • Can handle heavyweight 
  • Best at keeping balance
  • Anti-slip & waterproof surface 
  • Great at reducing bumping noise of the treadmill legs touching the floor
  • Large enough for machine or yoga

2. Rubber-Cal Treadmill Mat for Noise Reduction

treadmill mats

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This Rubber-Cal Treadmill Mat is crafted from quality rubber that does not bring out odor or stains on your floor at all. Instead, it provides a better grip to the flooring and maintains the correct station of your treadmill. Apart from a good-grip, the mat also functions as an insulator to keep away the heat and noise from your treadmill running.

It is solely rubber and its thickness will never allow the spilled water or sweat to reach the floor at any cost. Feel free to run your highest speed and sweat out real wet like you’re at the gym. 


  • Overall dimension of 78 x 48 x 0.19 inches
  • Thickness of 5 mm or 0.2 inches 
  • Total weight of 24.5 lbs 
  • Best for carpet & hardwood 
  • Convenient to clean & maintain
  • The used rubber is recyclable and eco-conscious
  • No odor & stain
  • Perfect grip & waterproof surface 

1. CyclingDeal Exercise Fitness & Treadmill Mats

treadmill mats

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If you have a hardwood floor, this CyclingDeal Exercise Fitness Mat is the best deal for you. However, it does not mean it can only be used for hardwood floors. In fact, it also works well with carpet and tile. Being manufactured from high-quality PVC materials, it provides high density which is good for placing under all types of treadmills. 

Right from the shipping, you can use it without having to smell a strong chemical odor or rubber at all. The mat is totally waterproof which means even if the water spilled or the sweatdropped, it will not seep onto the floor at all. This is not just a typical exercise mat, the thickness is as thick as 7 mm which is best for all purposes - treadmills, elliptical bike, weight bench, yoga, HIIT, etc.


  • Overall dimension of 72.05 x 36.22 x 0.28 inches
  • Thickness of 7 mm or 0.27 inches 
  • Total weight of 8.1 lbs 
  • Perfect for hardwood floor 
  • Highly waterproof; best for high impact workout 
  • Best at maintaining a balance of the fitness equipment 
  • No chemical odor; can use right from the box
  • Will not easily tear
  • Have sizes to choose
  • 2-year warranty 

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Treadmill Mats

Now that you own a treadmill, it is time to protect it better by having a mat under it. Therefore, you need a good and durable mat to do the job. But did you know that treadmill mats are usually high in price? That is a reason why you should spend a little more time considering what to take into account before ordering one. These factors below can be of use for your next purchase of a worthwhile mat. 

Constructed Materials

Imagine having to run on a treadmill while breathing all those strong chemical smells and bad odors. You sure want to give up on your running right away. Choosing the wrong mat for your treadmill can be a hindrance to your running goal. However, with our help in selecting the product, we promise you that you will never be annoyed by those odors again. 

Those highlighted mats on our list are highly crafted from PVC materials and rubber. However, they do not bring odors that eventually off-gas at all. Other than just the smell, they are high density and not easily torn which are perfect to place under heavy equipment like treadmills. 


Like we have mentioned so far, exercise mats or treadmill mats may vary in terms of their thickness. If you solely need it to protect your floor while running on treadmills, we highly recommend that you invest a bit more of your money and get a thicker mat. It also depends on how heavy your treadmill is. Normally, if you own large and commercial treadmills, 4 mm to 6 mm thickness is what we suggest you choose. But, if you have a folding treadmill that is slim and compact, you can just go for a 3 mm and it works just fine to keep balance. 


Always make sure that the size of the mat is a few inches large than your treadmill. This means that you should leave some space at the sides and the back. By having a little bit of spare room at the end of the running belt, it serves as a place to collect dust and dirt that fall off from your shoes while you’re running. The spare room at the sides may prevent fall-off sweat or spilled water from reaching and damaging your hardwood floor or carpet. 

Ease of Maintenance

You know that exercise involves sweat and moisture. Thus, you should, from the start, get a mat that features a waterproof and easy-clean surface. All of the mats we have showcased above allow you to quickly wipe clean with just a piece of cloth. More importantly, it does not leave out odor or stains either. 


Do I Really Need a Treadmill Mat?

This might be one of the most common questions popping up in most buyer’s heads while they are considering having a treadmill mat. It is not something that you must have, but it is highly advisable to have for your treadmills. The first reason is about the comfort of running at a high speed, keeping a good working condition of the treadmill, keeping the floor protected, and reducing the noise. 

It is not necessary to have a treadmill mat underneath your running pad if you only walk at a very low speed of 1 or 2 mph. However, once you are clicked and in the mood to speed up, it can be quite annoying to yourself and to other people to hear the sound of the machine bumping to the floor. Worse is the floor can be scratched and get ruined within time. 

What Are the Perfect Dimensions of Treadmill Mats?

There is no one-size-fits-all. But to consider the perfect dimension of the mat, you need to know your purpose of using it. Is it only for treadmills? Or is it for other fitness equipment like an elliptical bike or a weight bench? 

To simply put, you often see the mat for running treadmills measures very long. They should be wide enough to accommodate the entire machine while leaving 5 to 10 inches tall at the end of the treadmill. Having a few inches left at the endpoint makes it easy for users to clean the dirt that falls from their running shoes. This way, it will not fall directly on your flooring or carpet. The most common dimensions that we have seen so far are roughly 4.3’’ x 2’’. 

However, if you are on the hunt for a yoga mat or elliptical bike mat, you should focus more on the width instead of the length. 

Why Should You Consider the Thickness of the Mats?

Do not choose a very thin mat because you might end up leaving it in your garage ways too soon. Most thin treadmill mats tend to get disposable very quickly which means it is not really durable with heavy exercise equipment. 

Normally, any mats that come with 1 mm or 2 mm thickness cannot provide very good performance to your treadmill or elliptical machine workout. More than that, it cannot offer good shock absorption. On the other hand, try looking at formats that are up to 3 mm or 6 mm thick. This is a good thickness that can handle noise, vibration, and prevent scratches on the floor. 

Better yet, thick treadmill mats mostly will not curve at their ends making them grips well to the flooring and reducing chances of tripping. Plus, you sure will not witness any impression of the treadmill feet on the mat at all. Still, make sure that those thick mats that you are going to choose are the production of great materials. Because if not, the surface can be too soft and of no use for the treadmill and floor protection. Better spend a little more bucks and get a good mat for your expensive treadmills. 


Treadmills are expensive. So does your home flooring. One compromising factor is to get a reliable mat to protect both of them. A good treadmill mat should be able to keep the balance of your workout, keep your treadmill from sliding, reduce bumping noise between treadmill legs and the floor, and allow you to easily clean and store after use. We sure that all of the mats we have reviewed above fall into these factors and anyone you pick will provide you a very satisfying purchase.

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