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The 10 Best Yoga Mats in 2023 for Performing Yoga Flow

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 18, 2023
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Choosing the right yoga mats for your yoga session is very important because it comes in different design, size, and color. The great thickness, sufficient grip, non-slipping, and non-rolling could contribute to a good overall performance of your yoga flow. Not to mention, the best one should be no-fuss for transporting and cleaning. These 10 best yoga mats below could turn your yoga-ing experience to the next level.

List of Top 10 Best Yoga Mats in 2023

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10. BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat for All-Purpose Use

BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

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With a thickness of 0.5 inches and 24 inches width, BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat is ideal for single-person use. Whether you need to use it for yoga, plank, or jumping workout, the mat remains in place because it has a good floor-grip design. You also needn't worry about tripping with the edge as both edges do not roll. This mat is quite long which extends from one side to another at 71 inches long. With its high density, when you get out of the mat, it does not leave out the prints and return back to their original shape. It can be easily rolled up and packed inside its included strap or your own yoga mat bag. With up to 7 colors to choose from, it does not just limit you to only black. Any color would be a perfect pair to yoga balls of any size.

Why we recommend this:

  • The great thickness of 0.5 inches
  • 24 inches width & 71 inches length
  • High density
  • Does not smell
  • Premium foam construction

What to consider:

9. Devonlosky Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Yoga mats

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If eco-friendly material is what you need, you could never go wrong with this yoga mat. At the very first glace, its attractive navy and sky blue color capture so much attention. However, a user is not limited to just this. There are more color options including grey/black, navy/pink, dark green/light green, and many more. It is not the main center of attention that this mat wants to draw. Actually, it is 6mm thick, 183cm long, and 61cm wide.

Moreover, the overall weight of this item is only 1.76 lbs. It comes with a loop strap that allows you to roll and store the mat without needing the bag. Made of new high-density TPE material, it offers ultimate support when you plank or doing your yoga flow. Non-Slippery Texture-Double-sided design also makes the mat well grip to the floor. the curve edges do not roll which prevents tripping.

Why we recommend this:

  • The thickness of 6mm
  • Eco-friendly TPE materials
  • Many color options
  • High density
  • non-slippery texture double sides design

What to consider:

  • Some part of the mat does not adhere to the floor

8. wwww Extra Thick Yoga Mat

extra thick yoga mat

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The WWWW Extra Thick Yoga Mat is made from TPE materials which are eco-friendly too. Thus, its main benefit is that it is totally safe for the skin and health. The dual-color sides make it unique and stylish. As you can see in the picture, the blue side features a non-slipping texture which is a support to put touching the floor. But, in the case you are sweating a lot, you can use the blue side as your exercise side too as it can prevent your arms or legs from slipping.

With 6mm thickness, even when you need to do yoga for a long period of time, it does not make your palm or foot hurt or sore. More importantly, the mat does not build up heat and does not roll up from the edge. To add, the high strength of tear and moisture resistance contribute to the mat's longevity.

Why we recommend this:

  • Lovely color
  • Eco-friendly TPE materials
  • Non-slipping texture for one side, and smooth texture for the other
  • The thickness of 6 mm
  • Tear & moisture resistance

What to consider:

  • requires hand wash only
  • Does not include carrying a strap

7. Everyday Essentials Extra Thick High-Density Yoga Mats

foam yoga mats

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Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on their yoga mat. But having your own personal yoga mat is a lot safer and healthier. With Everyday Essential Yoga Mat, you don't have to spend a great deal of your money, and can still get a comfortable and supportive mat for your yoga flow.

Although the look is quite simple, the product is made out of foam. Thereby, suitable for those who prefer thicker equipment. It is special because not only can you get the yoga mat, but you also get a knee pad alongside the purchase. With an excellent slip-resistant advantage, it highly prevents injuries and adds extra cushion to support your spines and elbows.

Why we recommend this:

  • Made 100% from foam
  • Very affordable price tag
  • Comes with additional knee pads
  • Comes with its own strap for carrying
  • Up to 8 colors to choose from

What to consider:

  • Needs to be hand-washed only

6. CAMBIVO Wide Yoga Mats for Women and Men

large yoga mat for men and women

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If you need a larger yoga mat compared to the ordinary ones, we would like to recommend this. With an overall dimension of 72.05 x 31.89 x 0.24 inches, it can actually serve 2 people for a normal workout. For yoga, it is spacious enough for 1 person. But, it is also a bit heavy than a normal mat weighing at 2 pounds.

Made out of Thermoplastic Elastomers, the mat is compatible with versatile compounds, offers heat & tear resistance, not to mention it is eco-friendly. It has double-sided non-slip surfaces that enable users to maintain a proper posture and stability during their yoga flow. The mat will firmly grip the floor and does not glide. Apart from its 6mm thickness, it also has shock absorption which is good for cardio exercise too.

Why we recommend this:

  • Larger width & longer length
  • dual-sided non-slip surfaces
  • 6mm thickness
  • shock absorption built-in
  • Arrives with its own strap

What to consider:

  • need to wipe the Fitness Mat with a damp cloth to clean
  • have to store in a cool & dry place for maximized longevity

5. Ajna Organic Jute Yoga Mat 

Organic yoga mat

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Ajna cares about your health the most and that is why the company has created this Organic Jute Yoga Mat. Since it is made from 100% Jute organic natural fibers, it eliminates smell and also fights off the smell you sweat from exercising too. More importantly, the materials do not keep stains either. You would be amazed at its non-slip texture the first time you use this product. Although the price is a bit high, apart from being healthy to use, it is also very long-lasting. If it can last longer than a cheaper product, we think it is worth investing less than 50 bucks on it.

Ajna Organic Jute Yoga Mat offers adequate density that is perfect for yoga flow. Plus, it grips in every position. Thereby, offering an optimal base to the ground. It comes with its own storage box that makes transporting a lot easier.

Why we recommend this:

  • Made solely from Jute natural fibers
  • Contain no chemicals, latex, BPA, 6p phthalate, and heavy metals
  • No smell & skin-friendly
  • Great durability
  • Comes with a lovely storage tube

What to consider:

  • A bit expensive
  • Cleaning requires wiping down with water/ disinfectant.

4. Trideer 6 mm Thick Yoga Mat

thick yoga mat

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This yoga mat from Trideer is ideal for beginner yoga students thanks to its 6mm thickness, great cushioning, and good protection. It helps to support your body balance with its moderate grip, and non-slip features. Besides, both sides are well textured so that it is suitable to different floor type - be it wood or tile. Its portability is no mess. After every use, simply roll it up and carry it to any place with the included straps. In addition, it weighs only 1.4 kg which is very lightweight. For first-time use, it is highly recommended that you gently wipe wash the mat with soapy water to maximize grip.

Why we recommend this:

  • Ideal for beginner
  • 6mm thickness
  • suitable for all floor types
  • Very portable & lightweight

What to consider:

  • requires first wash with soapy water to maximize grip.

3. Mewe Cork Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Mewe Cork Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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Mewe Cork yoga mat is made out of natural rubber which offers optimal grip and ultimate stability. Because of this reason, the mat seems to be a little heavy weighing at its 2. 95 kg. However, you can rest assured of its durability and it can last up to 10 years. For the top side construction, it uses organic cork material which is safe for your health and skin. Added with the alignment line system, you can do yoga with your own personal instruction. You've got horizontal guidelines, central point, centerline, and reverse point.

Meanwhile, the bottom side is the product of natural rubber which will not slip and stay flat even during a high-intensity workout. The mat is about 5mm thick which can deliver high density while you're planking, hands, or head standing. Although it is made out of rubber, it is simply odorless because there is a layer separating the top side from the bottom side. Whether you roll it and unroll it back, the mat would remain flat and leave out no prints.

Why we recommend this:

  • Good rubber materials & organic cork
  • Featuring alignment line functioning as a personal instruction
  • Stays flat to the floor and grip well offering non-slip
  • Odorless
  • More gripping with sweat or moisture
  • Comes with a storage bag

2. Gxmmat Large Yoga Mats

Large yoga mat

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This Gxmmat Large Mat offers multiple purposes of use. Not only can you use it for yoga or exercise, but you can also use it as a treadmill mat, or simply a mat for your children. The thickness goes up to 7mm which is a lot of thickness compared to all of the mats we have reviewed so far. With the length and width of 2.05 x 48.43 inches, it fits up to 2 or 3 people - good for group yoga or exercise. It might be a bit high in price, but if you look at it, it uses premium and eco-friendly materials for making.

Eco Micro-foam construction supports high density. At the same time, the two side nonslip layers make sure you don't slip while sweating and the mat stay flat on the floor. The Matrix-circle grips prevent this yoga mat from moving and keep the traction 

Why we recommend this:

  • Designed for multiple uses & support multiple yogis
  • 7mm thickness
  • double the size of a regular mat
  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Eco Microfoam for better density support
  • Matrix-circle grips to secure traction

What to consider:

  • A high price tag is the only concern

1. NewMe Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat

yoga mat for woman

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Now you can connect and align with this customizable self-guided flow yoga mat from NEWME. The appearance of this mat is simple, but you would first get attracted to its helpful yoga guides located right on the top side. Therefore, you'll be able to save the money spent on personal trainers or yoga manuals. Included up to 70 printed poses, it is ideal for the beginner, intermediate yogi, up to advanced yogi. Its grippy and non-slip surface allows you to continue doing yoga even when you're sweating.

The 5mm thickness is not too thick, but it is also not too thin. What is important is it still offers high-density support so that your elbow, knee, and spines are properly protected. The comfy design together with its eco-friendly materials brings out peace of mind while you're flowing with your yoga.

Why we recommend this:

  • Printed with 70 poses on the topsides for personal guides
  • 5mm thickness
  • Grippy & non-slip surface
  • Made out of eco-friendly materials
  • Very affordable price with all of these benefits


There are a lot of yoga mats or exercise mats flooded on the market. However, not all mats guarantee the same quality. Most of the time, they vary from thickness to length, to high density, and lastly to materials. If you get a good mat, it should be very supportive and offers a grippy and nonslip base to secure the traction of your yoga flow.

All of the mats we have reviewed above range from 5mm to 7mm, from small to large, and from rubber to organic materials. Therefore, you get a lot of options to choose from. Overall, our top pick is NewMe Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat​. We personally think that this yoga mat is affordable and very helpful as it has printed 70 yoga poses as the instruction.

The choice is all yours. You can simply scroll up and explore your favorite mats from our list. After that, you're only a step away from owning a piece of new equipment to your collection.

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