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How to Get in Shape When You Hate Exercise

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 29, 2023
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What do you think about people who hate exercise? You know, to get in shape by doing exercise is the hardest thing which plenty of people have met. It is because they think that exercise is just an additional activity in their life. There are a lot of things they have to complete every day such as the obligation of work, housework, business, or other things which they think are more important than exercising. 

Once you thinking of starting exercise, most of the time you feel that you force yourself to do it. The reason is whenever you start you don’t even know what kind of workout is best for you. Sometimes you don’t know what the result you want is, you do it just to follow the short term of your subconscious mind. Are you one of those people? If you are among them, try these tips. It is a great way for you to start and keep in shape. 

Get up with the Dream

In every field you do, you always have a dream and the expected result to receive. It doesn’t matter if it is studying, working, or running your own business. Same as in the field of exercise I also need this thing. Why is it necessary for you to have it? Because it is the motivator to motivate you in everyday exercise.  It was provided that, when people have a clear goal and purpose, they will work toward it more easily than someone who does not. 

To figure this out, you must make your dream realistic and specific. You can’t just dream that I want to have a slim body like a superstar or want to have strong muscles. Being realistic means you understand yourself. What do you want to achieve and how can your body accept it? You can keep in shape by exercising unless you are able to set an achievable outcome. On the other hand, you must be specific to your goal. If you want to lose weight, you must determine how many kilograms you will lose. One more thing, to set up a great goal, make sure that it is meaningful and important for you. 

Discipline Yourself as a Routine

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Like what we have mentioned, the dream is to get along by disciplining yourself. Every goal can’t be reached if you won’t be able to routine yourself to be a good one. A disciplined person is a person who is able to control and habituated himself to do something. They are thoughtful people. They know clearly what they choose to do or what they should not. 

You should write down everything you have setting up. The next step is to train yourself to be a responsible person and practice it as your habit. Around 30 days after practicing you will feel relaxed due to you getting to it. After that, you will automatically get through it.

Choose Your Favorite Workout

A lot of people have made a common mistake when they choose to work out. They would like to follow the other exercisers rather than choose what they really need. Do you know what happened when you did this? It is considered as a portion that can discourage you to proceed your way out. 

There are plenty of types of workouts you can choose to do. As you know, people are not willing to do something which is not what they want. It is the reason for making themselves get disappointed with what they are doing and want to quit at any time. Therefore, you have to find the exercise which you can enjoy even though you are in a busy life or in a bad mood. If you are happy walking, just walk. You don’t have to worry about anything or what the other people are doing. Likewise, if you are enjoying a lot of workout exercises, just work it out. That is the best way for you to keep yourself motivated and enjoyable. It is all about people who would like to be free of doing what they love. 

Start with a Bare Minimum

The great start of doing exercise is to take it to step by step. Being rushed in doing something never gives you a good result. Whereas, it will lead you into another step of being tired instead. It is very important to understand the requirements of your body and its limitations. Be aware of yourself and try not to put much pressure because it will be harmful to your health. Dangerously, if you want to do too much or overuse your muscle when it can’t adapt to the new activities yet. In the first start, you may not be able to act well in the workout exercise you chose. You need time to learn and to adopt your body until it can accept it. 

Being good at doing exercise doesn't mean you have to complete it every day. If you are not okay or feel exhausted, just let your body relax, don't force it to do as your obligation. The very important thing to remember is to make sure that you are balancing your body between the healthy and the worse part. 

Enjoying the Exercise with Your Favorite Person

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You are more averse to getting exhausted when you have an exercise buddy. While you're making up for a lost time, triumphing when it's all said and done, empowering one another, you're additionally getting better. That is called the win-win strategy. You will never get bored when chatting with your mate during the exercise and break. Time flies so fast and you won’t even notice it. In addition, having a pair to exercise you will have options as well, such as playing tennis or squash.

Once you have arranged to meet a friend for a walk or booked a workout lesson, you are more likely to keep the commitment. Not needing to let your friend or work out accomplice down can be an incredible inspiration to appear up. Having somebody to persuade you will be able to make all the contrast to accomplishing your objective. Your workout buddy probably has a few aptitudes and information merely you don’t. Along the way, you might learn unused aptitudes. It’s more secure to work out with somebody else

Sign up for a Fun Group Exercise

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A group exercise absolutely gives you a one-time efficiency and a fun solution for those who are stuck to start their workout. It is organized with a lot of fun activities for all joiners to choose from. It doesn’t matter what kind of workout you want, you will still be able to enjoy it every time. Especially, it will assist you to discipline yourself as well, such as you must be on time due to you don’t want the others in the group waiting for you. 

Particularly, it is not just about having fun and a healthy body, but you can make new friends and network. In this group, you might be able to raise a new idea of doing something good for the group and society as well. Besides, you can discuss your problem and find a good solution for each other. Cambodia also has this kind of group exercise. It was founded by Cambodian youth. They always make a schedule for the workout and take that opportunity to support people who are in difficulty. This great thing will give you an adorable feeling of being valued. It is considered as a part of spending the best time ever in your life.  

Enjoy Your Listening While Doing Exercise

Some people may feel like they are wasting their time. If they have only one hour in the morning, they will consider what to do. They might want to exercise, read the news or meditate. The common excuse was created and you will never decide to work out. You would rather choose other things which should be important than exercising. Why don’t you spend time getting both benefits? 

Actually, you can spend one hour exercising and listen to what you want at the same time. Listening while working out is like you are having a great partner who can pleasure you. It will help to reduce the symptoms of tiredness and gain new knowledge. 

Wear Actual Cute Outfits

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Being confident of their appearance is also essential for people, especially whenever they go outside. As human nature, they always want to be attractive to people around them. It is the way they enjoy and pleasures themselves. 

To start your best work out the outside home, you should consider this. Choose a suitable outfit that makes you feel comfortable and looks good to your body. The movement of being enjoyable and fulfilling. 


Try setting goals of mastery over physical feats, like being able to do a push-up for the first time. Start with your favorite workout and be responsible for yourself. Don’t put your shoes on others but put on yourself. Choose the best alternative of time, place, and outfit for yourself.

There is a lot of work out you can learn and find your suitable one. Don’t put much effort into it if your body can’t accept it. It's okay to miss a day of work out, don’t feel guilty or blame yourself. Everybody struggles once in a while. Just make sure you hit it again the next day.  






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