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How to Organize a Fitness Notebook for Effective Fitness Journey

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 7, 2023
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If you think a notebook is just a simple paper for you to keep track of your activities or emotion or to-do list, think again. It was used by people around the world to stay on top of their life events for both physical and mental health. Meanwhile, a lot of exercisers used fitness notebooks to following up on their fitness progressing and to observe the result. 

It provided that notebook is used as a tool to help people from quitting the fitness exercise and as an assistant for people to get a great result as what they wish. So that you should track down your daily fitness. People are easy to forget what they have been thought if they didn’t write it down. Track the goals that you set and write down every fitness activity to follow up on what you have been done. As a result, it will show how an excellent principle you are. That will help to remind and motivate you to continue your journey of getting a healthy life and best look body. 

In fact, everyone will be able to write down in their notebook, In spite of, do you know what is the best way should you write down and how to prepare your fitness journal? If you don’t know how to track your journal yet, don’t worry, this article will guide you to organize the best journal of your fitness. 

Choose a favorite journal or notebook


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Why choose a favorite notebook is important for you to keep track? As a human being is very easy to given up on what they are don’t wanted or don’t really love to do. Same as, if you just write on a book that is not your favorite, you won’t feel it special for you. It is fact that you might think it is okay to write down in a book that you can write but later on you definitely careless with it. Some people might be don’t even remember where they put the book and some maybe don’t remember what they have been written. 

My recommendation, you should find a suitable size for a fitness notebook (medium size) because you won’t feel it too big or too small. The recommended size is either A5 (145 x 210 mm) or A6 notebook (105 × 148 mm). Besides, you should choose a favorite Colum or notebook that makes you feel good and more comfortable to write. Another thing is the color and style of the notebook, does it make you feel fresh or not? This kind of book is usually sold in every bookstore which is convenient for you to buy. 

In another case, if you don’t want to write it down in a notebook you can choose another platform from the internet or create one by yourself. That is great for someone who is not like in handwriting. 

Create a uniqueness of your journal

A simple journal might make you bored and demotivates you to write sometimes. That is because you just get what other people have done for you. However, if you try to create something by yourself you will be grateful for it though it is a bit difficult. 

Create your dream into reality here. Use your talent to create your own style. In order to make it happen, you can use materials to support you in decorating such as highlights, makers, colors, and stickers. This stuff can help you in stylist your work of writing and columns your schedule of tracking fitness program and record result of your day. If then it will give a colorful and beautiful journal as what you need. It will make you happier and missing what you have been done so far, particularly you really want to write down every activity you did. After all, that an additional good taste to your life in the present and give a good memory to you in the future. 

Start by setting your goal and vision

goal planning

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The first few pages of your fitness notebook should be written your goals. Defined yourself what you really want to achieve. In this process, you need to listen to your heart. What is your heart truly desire? Let yourself have a check-in of your current situations. Take some time to consider and write down everything that you have been thought about. Then shorten the aim by choosing only the big point that you want to get the most. Be careful in this step, don’t let the small part confuse you. 

Normally, in fitness activities, there should have a maximum of 3 goals. When you attempt to set a lot of goals, it means you are failing yourself because you will get more pressure and feel it is too hard to achieve. If you can’t decide which goal you want, ask yourself these question:

  • What is your body need the most?
  • Do you want to be healthy or want a strong muscle or you have another motivation is to win a marathon?
  • Does your goal is to connect to your vision?

Once starting to write your goals, you must link them to your vision. The vision will show you the clear image that you want to see in the future. It helps you to see the real value and priorities. The reason is when you have visualized what you want to achieve, setting the specific goal is incredibly gratifying. Both will keep you stay motivated. 

Set up your schedule on the fitness notebook


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That is a necessary part you must be done in order to get a great result of your fitness activities. It because humans always have excuses, it doesn’t matter how important it is. Set up a schedule is included as a good way to prevent yourself from this problem. 

Observe yourself, how many days you be able to do exercises. How many minutes or hours that your body can accept?  You need to remember that don’t put much effort into yourself because you can be in danger. Next, ask yourself if you would like to do it in the morning or in the evening or whenever? State the specific time which is easy for you to have a good habit also. For instance, you want to do it in the morning every 4 days per week and would like to spend 30 minutes a day. 

Write down all of these into your notebook. The table is commonly used to set up the schedule. You can make a one-week or one-month schedule depend on which one you like. Hence, that will bring you a free feeling to practice after the preparation.   

Detail on your activities


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State a specific time and date into your schedule, when and what you will do on the day of exercises. If you want to work out in the morning, it great to create a morning routine in your journal.  You can draw a line that represents the timeline in which you will detail your fitness activities. List the time in each step on the timeline to determine what you will do. For example, you will get up at 6 am, get ready of taking shower at 6:15 am, then spend 5 to 10 minutes preparing yourself for the exercises, so you can start exercising at 6:30 and will finish it at 7 am. 

Create your routine


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Due to almost every day, you might be very busy in your life, so don’t get over warming on tracking your fitness activities. In order to solve the problem, you must define the time that you available to keep track of what you have been done. That is means you would like to write down in the morning before and after activities or anytime in the afternoon or in the evening. But for a good suggestion, you should write every time after your activities to follow up on yourself. 

To make a great journal you should include some important points to support you in writing. It kind of art that gives you beautiful aesthetics.

Put content

Every book has its own content, it not different, your notebook should have it as well. Content is a summary part of the whole book. It shows you the titles with the page which is easy for you to find next time. For the page number, you can fill it later after you finished your journal. 

Add date

The data is an important part for writers to memorize and keep track of their life. If you missed doing your fitness some days, the journal will show you and you can count it at the end of the month. That you will be able to see your commitment and get back to your life. 

Record the minutes or hours of your fitness activities

it should be written on the top of the page which is easy to see and good-looking as well. The minutes recording will help you to see the effectiveness of your fitness activities. So you can measure yourself if you want to increase or decrease time in order to reach your goal.  

Number your pages

That is much easier for you to keep information and find your point later. It also the art of creating a beautiful journal. The page number is must be added in order. You can put it on the top or at the bottom of the page, put it on the left or the right is up to you. It depends on where you prefer the most. 

Make it colorful

the beauty of color does not just make your notebook good at looking but it will give a great feeling of the product that you made. Contrary, If your notebook has only one color it might not attractive, still, if it has too much color the notebook will even worse. So you should be better using 2 or 3 colors on a page is enough. 

Record the results of the day into your fitness notebook


In that part is what you have to update every time after your activities. It would be better to spend one paper per time in order to write the whole fitness story of the day. To record a good once, you can include your own style by drawing pictures or any sign which you want. But it depends on how much time you have and your flexibility. Sometimes you can make a quote or write down the feeling that you get from your fitness. Here don’t forget to add date, time recording, and make the beautiful and meaningful journal.


That is the step by step on how to make a fitness notebook. You can take it as a tool to implement and create your own style. We hope you can use these tips to fulfill your dream of creating a great journal. For more on creativities, you can search more on the internet. 

Know how to organize the notebook is not only benefits you in tracking the fitness activities but also shows your personality and can be a mirror to reflect on yourself. People can see your inside, if you are a principal person or not. You will see what kind of style that you like and the person you are. It will be an unforgettable present that you have made for yourself. That is not just the best memory for you but you can share your experiences with others as well. 


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