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How to Setup Treadmill Desk for Working While Exercising

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 16, 2023
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Working at an office can make you crazy. Even if you adore your job, there's always that voice in the back of your head telling you that you spend the entire day sitting down. And there is no improvement in firmness.

Up until recently, desk-bound workers had to balance their time between work, personal obligations, and exercise, which frequently fell off the schedule. However, creative employees have now found a remedy and are creating their own treadmill desks. They can burn up to 1000 more calories each day by unintentionally walking while working than they would by remaining sedentary.

The treadmill desk trend has caught the attention of business, therefore factory-built treadmill desks are now an option as well.

Why Use a Treadmill Desk?

A treadmill desk is useful because even moderate walking has numerous advantages. You can walk slowly enough to complete office work while using this "fitness furniture," yet over the course of several hours, you will burn more calories than you would during a brief, intense workout.

Given what is known about NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, a Mayo Clinic lab's findings about the prevalence of treadmill desks make sense. Dr. James Levine, the director of the Mayo lab, has discovered that general activity levels throughout the day have a higher impact on fitness than do routine training. Levine calculated that a person could lose over 60 pounds a year by using a treadmill at their desk every day.

Regular walking is also linked to a number of health advantages, including better sleep, stronger bones, a healthier heart, and increased mental clarity.

2. Considerations for Constructing a Treadmill Desk

The construction of a treadmill desk has grown in popularity among do-it-yourselfers. You can make it as easy or difficult as you wish. In order to protect it from the treadmill's vibrations, the desk essentially needs to fit over the machine. Here are some broad concepts to get you thinking:

Simple treadmill workstations would resemble rectangular tables. It ought to be big enough to fit a computer or whatever else the worker needs nearby.

Multiple monitors, speakers, built-in lighting, and other standard office desk equipment might be found on a more sophisticated treadmill desk.

Be mindful of the potential for the treadmill desk to distract coworkers nearby and even folks you may be on the phone with.

Make sure the workstation can support the treadmill and any other equipment you might be using. If they fall on you while you're moving, falling objects could hurt you physically.


The task of working around the console will probably be the most challenging component of building your treadmill workstation. The console may rise behind the desk, protrude through the centre, or rest against the front depending on the treadmill model. Think creatively and ask your pals what they think. The answer will become clear, and you'll be pleased to display your clever, useful creation!

You can view our list of the top treadmill desks or treadmill under desk if you don't want to build your own.

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