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Tips of Good Running Form For Beginners

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 17, 2023
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It's not too difficult to get started in the running game. You just need a nice pair of running shoes and some socks that wick away moisture, and you're ready to go.

At least that’s what I believed until I started logging miles. Within a matter of weeks, I was able to log longer kilometers and quicker speeds, but at the same time, I was experiencing an overwhelming amount of aches and pains. aches and pains of the unpleasant variety, as opposed to the "I'm becoming stronger, hear me roar!" variety. Those aches and pains started to go away as I started to develop my running form, and this is something that any runner who is just starting out should keep in mind in order to maintain proper running form.

Tips for Your Running Form


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No slouching allowed; maintain an upright posture with your shoulders back. You can improve your posture by first raising your hands above your head, then standing with your shoulders back, and finally lowering your hands to your sides. To stay loose, keep your knees bent.

Foot Strike

You should be able to feel a good midfoot strike around the ball of your foot when you run in place, and this is the strike that you want to aim for. A heel strike is going to happen if you take too lengthy of a stride. This could result in shin splints, stress fractures, and heel spurs, not to mention a great deal of pain. It doesn't matter if you're trying to impress someone or not; taking too short of a stride can cause you to lean too far forward (we'll discuss leaning in a moment), run on your toes, and possibly eat the pavement. All of these things are embarrassing, and you shouldn't do them.

Running Pace

Maintain a rhythm and pace that are easy for you to maintain, particularly when you first start running. While you're running, make sure to maintain your regular breathing pattern. When you've got a spring in your step, there's no need to shake things up. Having a discussion with another person is a great method to keep yourself on track when it comes to maintaining a healthy pace. If you are unable to carry on a conversation, you are moving at an unsafely rapid pace; conversely, if it is too easy to carry on a discussion, you need to pick up the pace, you slow poke! If you are in the same situation as me and don't have a jogging partner, put some music in your ears and sing along.


The lean of my physique was never one of the things that I considered when making decisions. I would be all over the place, curled over, with my head and shoulders bending so far back that I looked like a cartoon, or I would simply be standing straight up.

First, ensure that you are standing in a straight position, and then begin to lean forward.
When you feel like you have to put your foot out to catch yourself, start running by putting one foot in front of the other and beginning to run.
It should feel natural for you to lean forward ever-so-slightly without sacrificing your upright stance. You will eventually grow used to it and find that running is much more comfortable as a result. At first, it might seem strange, but you will.

You may witness how much more comfortable your runs become by putting these four components of proper running form into practice on your next run. When you improve your running form, you might even discover that you can run for longer periods of time and at a faster pace.

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