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What can a year of running do for you?

Nak Tee
By: Nak Tee
On : January 28, 2023
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Running will give different results to the runners depending on how much time they take to run. It is clear that running is giving good results from day to day and you can see the result from the first start. I believe that everyone is satisfied with the result that they get. 

Imagine, what your feeling will be when receiving great results from a whole year of running. Being a regular runner, do you know, what will you get from a year of running? Besides achieving weight loss, the result is much more amazing than you have ever thought of. 

Get a Healthy Heart

Cardiac muscle tissue is a tissue that was found in the human heart. Its function is to harmonize the construction of a heartbeat. The human heartbeat speeds up or slows down depending on the cardiac muscle's work with the other two muscles. So, if the muscle cannot work well, people might have heart problems. 

According to the American Heart Association, humans can get a healthy heart through doing exercise. Among a lot of exercises, running can give so many positive impacts on the human heart. If you run 5 days a week and around 30 minutes per day, it can help to strengthen your heart muscle or myocardium stronger than someone who does not. Furthermore, a regular running basis can reduce the risk of heart disease which is called Cardiomyopathy. Cardiomyopathy may cause your heart difficulty in pumping blood to flow smoothly to other blood vessels in the whole body. 

In addition, another great result from running is helping to strengthen your heart, so it has a full capacity to produce a larger amount of oxygen. Therefore, the heartbeat is able to pump a big amount of blood per beat, which is a good performance of the human heart. 

Reduce the Symptom of Depression

Whenever you run you will come up with the breath in and out, which is good for you to release the tension that you have been through in your daily life. The sweating from your body is also a part of taking the stress of your physical tension and body pain away. As a result, you will get a good feeling of being who you are, and be happy with what you have done so far.  

According to the runners' experiences, after they finish running, they have a better feeling like releasing almost all of their exhausted minds. They suddenly change from an emotional and lazy person to a powerful one. Undoubtedly, by practicing regular running, you will be good at dealing with the problem in your daily work life, personal life, family, and friends. 

Build Strong Bones

According to the study from the University of Missouri, running definitely gives a great consequence to prevent bone mineral density from losing.  Based on the researcher's results, there is only the skeletal site of the human body that gets stronger from the stress of doing exercise. People's skeletal bones develop stronger by the response to the immense force that you experience in doing exercise. As well, the researchers also study in comparison the effectiveness of running to other exercises like swimming and cycling too. As a consequence, people will get a greater spine bone mineral density from running than the rest of the exercises. 

Strengthen Muscles

Nowadays, a lot of people have experienced the state of being numb. Because their muscles aren't involved in any exercises, overloading is putting much stress on your body. 

According to the research, runners are able to build their muscles stronger though it might take time for the runner to rebuild a strong muscle back. The tissue of the muscles in your body is recovering itself while you are running.  In fact, running will affect the whole muscle of your body but will affect the muscle of your lower body the most, such as the muscle of your upper and lower leg, hamstring, etc. 

Help Maintain a Healthy Weight

You might be losing weight if your activities are much more than what you ate but you probably gain weight when you eat much and spend less power in your daily activities. It happened the most to the older person because your composition is not the same when you are younger. The amount of fat and your muscle capacity isn’t the same. 

That is the reason that running can help you maintain weight. When you run, your body certainly burns the calories that you get from the food you have eaten. Hence, properly running is good at balancing using your energy with the nutrition that you get from eating. 

Builds Your Self-Esteem

Being a human is not easy to go through in our daily life. Everyone must face a lot of problems in the whole day and some people may get even more depressed. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter because you will overcome those problems by running.  

It might be hard for non-exercises in believing in the running advantages. What I am focusing on here is based on a lot of runner’s experiences about the benefit of building your self-esteem. You don’t need to spend a long time to see the result, you will note it by yourself from the first start of running. For an instant, a marathon runner showed her impression of running. She has changed from a hopeless person to a new one. After she finished a haft marathon, she gains more confidence in herself, feels motivated and she gets a higher spirit of loving herself, feels worthy and valuable, which changed her life. 

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

People mostly at a high risk of getting blood pressure when the heart pumps a huge amount of blood per beat and inability to flow the blood to the whole body through vessels. In the past, that case often happens to older people but nowadays can happen to the younger as well. 

According to the researchers, exercise is great for people to practice it in their daily life to be healthy person. In particular, running is a kind of exercise which is fit with all age of people. Spend 30 minutes every day of running, you will gain a healthy heart that good at performing the blood pumping. The movement of running means the vessels in your body are working as well which will allow your heart ease to flow blood. As a result, you will lower the risk of getting blood pressure. Especially, someone who age is around over 30 years old should routine yourself in running to gain a healthy life.  

Improves Glucose Regulation, and Lowers Risk of Diabetes

People who have diabetes disease, generally, because their glucose regulation was weak. The system has a lower ability to break down glucose which mostly they get a lot from food or meal they ate every day. Especially, someone who is crazy in drinking high-sugar drinks it even harder for your body system to regulate the glucose if they don’t take any physical activities. It more often happens to older people because the pancreatic cellular-mediated was destroyed or become weak and losing the insulin secretion. 

As reported by the American Diabetes Associations, physical activities and exercising like running is being able to push your body system to facilitate glucose controlling very well. You will get a healthy pancreatic cellular by doing regularly running. In addition, diabetes is a kind of disease that is at high risk when your muscle hastened the decline of its strength and functional status. That is one of the reasons, running is helpful to strengthen your muscle and make a strong immune body system. It can prevent or reduce the risk of developing primary diabetes (type 1 and type 2 of diabetes). In accordance with the American Journal of Medicine have shown the comparisons the rate of diabetes between runner and non-runner, as a result, the runner possibly get 72 percent lower rate of developing diabetes.  

Reduces Risk of Many Cancers

The authority of the American Medical Association studied 1.44 million people, found that people who have regular exercise like running is less chance to develop cancers 7% than people who are not doing exercise. Importantly, running helps you to reduce risk indifference percentage based on the types of cancer. The woman who practices regular running has a chance of 21% and 10% to lower the risk of endometrial cancer and breast cancer. 

Same as, running is not only helping to prevent you from cancer, it is a very necessary exercise for people who already develop cancer to lower the side effect of the disease. The exerciser will get a stronger body than the non-exerciser. 

Running Bring You a Better Brain

It may be hard for someone who is not used to run to believe that running gives a great effect on people's brains but exactly it is. The German neuroscientist had been studied running benefits from the runner's brain. Based on the runners’ experience, the neuroscientist had confirmed that you can use running as a tool to develop your emotion and what you are thinking. 

For instant, the neuroscientist checked on the runner's brain after they run every day around 4 to 5km over 64 days, the result showed that the runner's gray matter has accelerated decline by 6%. It very surprises that after eight months of regularly running the brain has been back to the normal state. 

Based on the experiment from universities, a fast running in 30 minutes per day can bring you a better brain to process information, improve a full ability to implement its function. Moreover, you be able to control your emotions very well, good at solving problems, and you will see the positive way in your daily life. You get more benefit from learning to be patient, think about your goals, and empower yourself while you are running.  


As what has been described above, running is a great deal for all people who are living on this planet. It assists you to deal with the difficult thing that you have been through in your daily life. It was considered as a tool to gain both mental and physical health. 

Anyway, being a runner you should remember one thing, running will give you a positive result since the first time but to get a great result, you might spend a long time to achieve. You will get good result as much as depend on how much you trying and be patient with. How much of your commitment to do. You should make as a routine in your life. To add more to running you should get enough sleep and eat a portion of healthy food, which will help you to earn more energy in your life. That is what a year of running can do for you. 


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